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2046: ICE AGE --> 25 years to prepare.

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Ice Age: 2046 on Crater-Earth / Greater FlatWorld Plane & "Plane-nettes"

...MudFlood, Tartaria etc. ... Over the next 25 years, we (me and my colleagues) expect a new ice age to overwhelm the north and south hemispheres. We seek a viable solution for those who agree by establishing ice-age-safety-zones in the tropics.
49 6 Fires--> Enterprise, NWT
by rick63

No Jet Fuel in Jet Airplanes

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No Jet Fuel in Jet Airplanes

There is a tiny bit of fuel for the "starter" motor but Jet Airplanes fly by as-yet-unexplained-to-the-public principles of Perpetual Jet Turbine / Compressed Air / Levitation. The breakthrough was achieved in the 1940's and has been kept a secret. Watch this Remote Control Jet Aircraft to get a first impression of the situation I'm looking at. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mzEtogv7jiA
6 0 No mention of fuel tank cleaning in Yutube re cleaning a jet airplane.
by rick63

COVID-19 / CoronaVirus / SARS COV2

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Covid&CyberPolygon is part of TECHNOCRACY COUP

This FORUM will fight for the right to be normal against the SARS COV2 worldwide HOAX. The masking of faces is completely inane, insane, pointless and fundamentally stupid, harmful in and of itself and downright ugly and frightening-- and it's going to have to stop.
1,040 339 Robert Malone---> Overview of the fallout from scamdemic & solutions
by rick63

Cryonics, "GLUTERONICS", Anti-Aging, Life-Extension, (P)Reincarnation, Chakras

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Anti-aging / Uploading / Cryonics/GLUTERONICS (my coinage)/ MedBeds/ICE AGE 2046

Ever since become aware of the relative brevity of human lifespan compared to, say, a tree-- I've been considering ways we humans might get to live longer. I've explored many options including cryonics-- as a last gasp measure-- last gasp, get it? haha-- and lately the uploading precursor I've coined "gluteronics". I've always wanted to coin a famous word-- I think that one is it. WEIRD SCI FI DEVELOPMENT- Feb 17, 2021- MED BEDS
27 12 DougMatzke ---> "Deep Reality" argues mind is in quantum reality
by rick63


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Crazy Election Fraud of 2020

The bigger story is the re-conversion of the United States Corporation back to the original United States Republic....
73 3 en-volve.com---> Jan 6 Columbus Door operation
by rick63

Parking of TractorTruck Cab on El Camino in Phoenix

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Compressor runs every Sunday morning for that "truck stop" atmosphere.

Ahhh... I love the smell of diesel truck stops in the morning... especially Sunday morning as I step out into my front yard with a nice cup of coffee to watch flocks of birds, the morning Arizona sunrise and ... wait... what's that rumble?
7 0 YoutubeRedHeadMom----> Thinking is becoming obsolete.
by rick63


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Deep State is helping to fake race war.

I began this forum when I saw in the news that cops in military uniform slashed tires of parked cars in KMART lot. That was weird. What's up with that?
7 0 GLP---> Cargo ships still bottlenecked but no apparent shortages in Px
by rick63

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