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    9/04/2022 10:38 pm

    Rick says- Here's a horror podcast featuring doctors who lecture to other docs to increase vax rates... I think it's interesting to hear how these kill-shots are being promoted inside the doctor-medical industry... so we can counteract these friendly sounding psychopaths. It's a podcast recorded to youtube...

    Female doc says there has been suffering and grief due to the virus. Sure. Nobody died from covid because there has been no virus id'd. The pro sounding female doc's voice cracks as she pretends to cry, opening the podcast with the horror of deaths from covid-- which is a hoax. The Female  includes an incident of an Asian "hate-crime".... I suppose referring to the "China virus" ... but of course, there is no virus... the covid-corona virus presumed deaths is a cover for a number of other etiologies including the introduction of 5G and other toxins including the so-called vaccines themselves.

    The male converses with her ten minutes into this. The female continues with stories recounting fear. The male refers to all this panic "before the vaccines"... I'll call it B.V. ... Before Vaccine.

    The female continues they kept others "safe". The male says he was thriving in the environment... he got "free meals" and "found it fun".. noting he didn't know how long this would last. The female says he deserved the "percs"

    I would say this is a very good insight into psychopathy. These people are to be paid attention to in order to learn how to counter act them. The female says "she was born for this moment".... that people rely on "her profession's credibility".

    The male refers to the EUA... Emergency Use Authorization and notes how amazing it was to get that in so short a time. He says he was in a rush to get the vax once available. He says he's exposed to covid-- which is untrue because there is no covid. He's a doc in name only because there is no transmission of exosomes which is what viruses are.

    The female says she took an injection. And she got an injection that hit her bone and it hurt but felt proud that she got it. She says there was "beauty" in it. What a psychopath. They're not discussing what is IN the killshot... only how to get it. They say they were getting lots of phonecalls to get vaccinated.

    I think I'll get the names & institutions these two idiots are associated with... so I can add them to the list of people to be brought up on charges. Of course, they're already condemned to hell so God has that end of things.

    "Now we can vaccinate anyone 5 years and older... 6 months and older"... says the male... who says he's excited... for the future... and female refers to all her "grandbabies can get vaccinated". She continues with the words "hesitancy" and "disinformation". She then refers to "vaccine refusal" saying that they have the vaccines but are now facing "refusals".
    She says this is her "next challenge".

    The male says it's not about antibodies but about vaccinations... which is odd. I'll have to listen to that again. People, he says, come to their physicians with trust. I've got news for him. Physicians have destroyed themselves. Nobody will trust this lifetime's cohort of docs ever again. The female says she is the "single greatest weapon in fighting this pandemic". Of course, there is no pandemic. There never was. This is a program of injection of various formulas including mRNA genetic therapy and graphene oxide that turns people into repeat transmittors for 5G and 4G.

    The male says he wants to get as close as possible to 100%. Great. These psychos are relentless aren't they? He asks the woman how she succeeded in her practise. She responds that she would not furlough her staff. She had lots of manpower and "just decided to do it"... and has a "great office manager". She says the "partners talked" and "just committed to doing it" and interfaced with the Dept. of Public Health... and figured out how to get people in and out, distanced, with waiting room times worked out... She continued that the young people were vaccinating their friends... there was a sense of "participating in history" and that they were "saving lives".

    Of course, the CDC has recently admitted that the vax does not prevent you from getting covid... just decreases symptoms... and of course symptoms are worse in immuno compromised. She continued with stories of people crying while thanking her clinic. She says it will be treated like any other vax which it is not... in fact. The CDC redefined the "vaccine" to include "genetic therapy" only in 2020.

    The male says there was a lot of paperwork. He was greatful to use non-physician support staff. He was able to create a vaccine clinic along with other agencies and do "covid vaccine fairs" that were "gratifying" and that it gave him a "sense of purpose " in zip-code areas that were "hard hit". This indicates to me that certain zip code areas were hit with 5G and 4G changes.... or pollution with toxins of various kinds or other issues.

    The female says we're doing "silo living" and that she's "Italian"... who like to socialize.. and says we're in the "middle of the pandemic"... and says the younger doctors still have beauty and brightness ahead. ... admitting she has "manpower issues". She segways back to "something beautiful" about "emplowering MA's giving covid vaccines"... pretty sick stuff... these two continue to talk about "integrating" the "vaccinating" into the clinic. She says integrating it into the clinic is a good thing.. which basically destroys their clinics. You're walking into a hornet's nest.

    The male says this was "fun" to review the past few years. He's excited to continue these conversations. She says she wants colleagues to know there are resources to lean on. She she's she's part of a community of healers.

    Illinoisvaccinate.com can be visited for comment. Nusella Avia is his name. He uses the phrase "covid vaccinator" and wants everone to be "comfortable" vaccinating in their own clinic. Contact podcast@ILvaccinate.com Illinoisvaccinates.com/podcasts You can get CME "credit" and they're on all platforms. Nice relaxing music plays during the ending.

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