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    9/12/2022 5:08 pm

    Rick says- I can't believe how literally stupid and unreasonable the CCP has become in pushing idiotic zero-tolerance for covid, on top of the stupid reliance on PCR testing, and this on top of stupid compliance by billions of people. Anyone who ever though that China might be on a fast track to the future with advanced looking buildings, megaconstruction projects and fast monorails, including me, are realizing that the Chinese are actually going off a cliff. Unless and until the CCP is gone, and we see an American style idea of individual freedom and a small-r republic style of represenative govn't, they're going nowhere fast. Their entire Belt/Road Initiative turned out to be nothing more than a stupid idea for grabbing others' resources too... but for now, here's an excellent indexed video that explains the debt that the Chinese "vaccine" companies are incurring from unpaid-testing as the covid scam collapses. Maybe contiguous China will crack up as a result too. It's disappointing in a way but they're imploding their entire system through their lack of ability to reason,  and their lack of a right to gun -ownership by law abiding people who should never have been locked down...


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