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    10/05/2022 7:56 pm

    YT presented me with a related video after I watched that last one that synchonistically confirmed my thought that CJingPing is doing Mao. Apparently CJingPing is a shoe in for re-election, despite being an insane psychopath.


    10/05/2022 7:48 pm

    Rick says- Apparently, Chinese citizens are under some kind of hypnosis because they gathered in Tienaman Square to "celebrate" an event as I understand it-- or was it to protest?-- while many continue to wear stupid medical masks that don't work. I watched this video only half attentively-- but will view again ... very weird stuff.. especially with upcoming CCP "congress" that might get CJingPing voted out of power. The entire CCP is a communist coup initiated by "Harvard educated" MaoTseTung... so this insane crap continues. US Pres. Bill Clinton auctioned off lots of machine-tools to China in the 1990s-- and lots of American corporations fled to Communist China for cheap labor.


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