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    4/03/2023 7:00 pm

    ← NWO Psychological Operation Against the ‘Useless Eaters’ (Video)
    HERE: Read the Truckers’ Declaration
    Posted on February 5, 2022 by State of the Nation   
    Truckers’ Declaration

    We, the Truckers Of America, declare that whereas:

    The “killer virus” is a mild flu

    The Covid “vaccine” is a gene-modification treatment,
    harmful, often deadly, and damaging
    to the immune system

    The Covid “vaccine” is unnecessary because cheap, effective
    remedies exist; administering these
    dangerous experimental jabs to children is
    especially evil and violates the Nuremberg
    code of 1947

    The PCR test is totally fraudulent and can’t
    differentiate between COVID-19
    and the seasonal flu, as the CDC and
    WHO now admit after two years; The
    tests mostly give false-positives and were
    rigged to do so

    The PCR swabs are invasive, potentially damaging to the
    olfactory nerve, and contain toxic

    The case data generated is meaningless junk, as the authorities now

    The masks are totally useless, increase the risks of
    disease, and can damage children’s brains
    by cutting off the supply of oxygen

    The vaccine mandates are illegal, unconstitutional, and violate
    our fundamental human rights and the
    Nuremberg code of 1947

    The vaccine “passports” are illegal, unconstitutional, discriminatory,
    go against science, and violate the
    Nuremberg code

    The news media is the PR agency of Big Pharma,
    purveying disinformation and lies about this
    plandemic 24/7

    The “Fact Checkers” are the paid mouthpieces of Big Pharma,
    disseminating untruths and misinformation

    WE HEREBY DECLARE that we are not leaving this city until our demands are met, as follows:

    * No more mandates

    * No more gene-based “vaccines”

    * No more bogus diagnostic tests

    * No more masks

    * No more health passports

    * No more censorship by the lying News Media and Social Media—
    All the scientific findings by truth-telling doctors
    and researchers must be fully presented to the public.

    * Full compensation by the vaccine manufacturers
    and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to every person
    injured by the COVID-19 “vaccines” or their bereaved families.

    Our demonstration is totally peaceful and lawful. If any disturbance occurs it is the result of FBI dirty-tricks as occurred at the so-called “Capitol riot” of January 6, 2021.


    * * * * * *

    Submitted by a Concerned Citizen in solidarity with America’s Truckers and Truckers Worldwide.

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