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    5/18/2021 3:33 pm

    SPIKE PROTEIN MAY NOT EXIST-- Jon Rappaport says no proof, just like corona virus itself.

    5/17/2021 1:52 pm

    Rick says-- Here's some GLP debate about whether shedding occurs or not. Its interesting because I don't think viruses are what official science says they are-- contagious and deadly-- I think, as a book title says, "Contagion is a Myth"... and that viruses are exosomes-- we all have them and they function to clear cells of debris... so because viruses are not contagious, neither are "spike proteins" created by the vax. Then again, this is all new so its worth looking at both sides... here's that debate.

    5/16/2021 8:17 am

    JIM STONE says it might not be a SPIKE PROTEIN causing problems but... MAGNETS.... My question would be... what, if anything, "sheds", if not a spike protein-- as a result of nano-magnets?

    GOOGLE "magnetic vaccine"-- article there about nanomagnets in vax

    RMN- on Jim Stone's theory

    Rick says-- I'm following both the spike protein creation and shedding.. and possible antidote with fennel seed.. or tea with fennel seed... and Pine Needle Tea... which is tricky-- and potentially bad if you don't choose the correct pine... I've started fennel tea... and supplement... but not the pine tea yet... and I'm trying to figure out how or what shedding would be with respect to nanomagnets... There ARE nanomagnet particles in experiment vaccines according to one result on the google search about 5 results down. More later today.

    5/15/2021 8:17 am

    Another DETOX trick to clear the INTERSTITIUM of possible prions and/or spiked shedded proteins from vaxxed people... Clear heavy-water from regular water by partial-freezing, dumping that top layer of ice, 3X, ending up with regular H2O, clearing the H30 deuterium which freezes first.... Also use Japanese footpads to pull impurities out of blood through the bottom of the feet...

    I started FENNEL SEEDS yesterday... interestingly had more dreams than normal... and slept well.. could be something else-- but interesting coincidence anyway. Still attempting to get a handle on pine needle tea-- do not want to order through Amazon but might have to... MEDIA pushing VAX for teens... insanity...


    5/14/2021 3:20 pm

    Rick says-- my pine needle tea work is stalled due to other work... but Mike Adams points to fennel seed ...

    fennel seed "spike protein"

    Special Report: FENNEL SEEDS also a source of shikimic acid ...
    www.naturalnews.com › HRR › 2021/05/11-special
    May 11, 2021 · Special Report: FENNEL SEEDS also a source of shikimic acid to fight covid vaccine shedding

    5/14/2021 3:19 pm

    I double checked the Admin area and it appears that an anit-bot feature was enabled... which might make it difficult for visitors to post-- so I disabled it. Will see what happens.

    Pine needle tea is complicated-- I'm not convinced its the way to go yet. Mike Adams mentioned fennel seed has shimkimic acid that fights the spiked shedded protein that vax is said to be creating... and I just picked that up in capsule form. No pine needle tea at the health food store... and all the online teas are from from foreign countries.

    Certain pines are toxic... I'll examine your post again to see what you have a handle on. DO MORE RESEARCH on YOUR PINE BEFORE YOUR DRINK or EAT IT...!!!! Some pine is toxic. It's not easy ... I have to review the list I have and haven't had time.

    5/13/2021 4:43 pm

    Hello Rick, intrepid innovator and excellent idea generator!
    I tried to post yesterday, but the text disappeared when I went to preview...so, today, I logged in and 
    hopefully this one will get through. Firstly, I would like to know why people have yet to overwhelm your 
    site or even that with so many responses to pine needle tea I seem to be, after you, of course, the first
    to respond. So be it. I love pine wood, pine cambium (the nutritious inner bark), pine cones, pine nuts
    (muy delicioso y nutritioso) and pine needles--I cook with the needles, have yet to try making tea.
    I know that they contain lots of vital C and  other healing compounds. Thank you for remembering the
    value of pines. What I would like to know is which species of Pinus  are appropriate for tea. I planted a
    Torrey Pine (pinus torreyana) about ten years ago and the tree is now about twenty-five feet high and 
    producing nice fat cones, with nice fat pine nuts, yummy. The needles are very long, 9-12" and I think
    that I will harvest some and make some tea.  I will let you know how that works. Om Shanti

    Rick says-- BE CAREFUL... don't use your tree before more research... Ponderosa Pine is apparently non-toxic as this latest SOTN article points out... but observe how tricky and complicated this line of thought is...

    5/13/2021 1:59 pm

    SOTN---> Fennel seeds--> SHIKIMIC acid.... ?


    RIck says-- to the extent we can start considering the idea, then maybe look at fennel seed too...

    5/12/2021 2:50 pm

    Rick63 says-- today I'm considering the complications involved in both the determination that spike proteins are created by the vax, that they're transmissable (contagious) (ironically) and that pine needle tea can do anything like what they say suriman does for elite who use it as an antidote... RMN post above indicates this entire line of thought is propaganda. Some examples of complicated facts involved as quoted on NaturalNews (MikeAdams)....

    Shikimic acid is the basis for Tamiflu, and it’s the molecule found in Chinese Medicine herb Star Anise, that cures plagues
    Imagine my surprise when I discovered that pine needles contain shikimic acid, the same molecule found in Star Anise herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat plagues and respiratory illness.
    Through research, I found that pine needles not only contain suramin, a large molecule that’s touted for various medicinal effects, but also shikimic acid.


    Shikimic acid can be removed from the needles of white pine, red pine and other conifer trees simply by boiling the needles in water, said chemistry professor Ray Fort Jr.

    people who want to survive the covid vaccine holocaust can simply harvest and process pine needles using espresso machines, and they can potentially make their own anti-plague medicine.

    5/12/2021 2:32 pm

    Difficult finding regular pine needle herbal tea in a bag like other teas.... don't want to order the Japanese tea-- why isn't there a good American pine needle tea bag?

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