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    5/16/2021 8:30 am

    5/16/2021 8:18 am

    JIM STONE says it might not be a SPIKE PROTEIN causing problems but... MAGNETS.... My question would be... what, if anything, "sheds", if not a spike protein-- as a result of nano-magnets?

    GOOGLE "magnetic vaccine"-- article there about nanomagnets in vax

    RMN- on Jim Stone's theory

    Rick says-- I'm following both the spike protein creation and shedding.. and possible antidote with fennel seed.. or tea with fennel seed... and Pine Needle Tea... which is tricky-- and potentially bad if you don't choose the correct pine... I've started fennel tea... and supplement... but not the pine tea yet... and I'm trying to figure out how or what shedding would be with respect to nanomagnets... There ARE nanomagnet particles in experiment vaccines according to one result on the google search about 5 results down. More later today.

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