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12/17/2021 4:37 pm  #1

ToolsForFreedom.com--- > C60 / olive oil = mitigate nGrOx

ToolsForFreedom.com--- > C60 / olive oil = mitigate nGrOx

Rick says- I get a catalog from ToolsForFreedom occasionally and today was the day. One of the first items I noted was a supplement that mitigates nano Graphene Oxide which Dr. Delgado at orwell.city has confirmed is in the covid-injections falsely called vaccines-- falsely called because the definition was only changed just before the covid-nightmare in March 2020. Rense.com has advertised C-60 for awhile and here is their ad...

The ad on Rense.com describes how C60 works.. .

quoteCarbon 60 Mitigates Graphene Oxide DamageGraphene Oxide and Carbon 60 (C60) are composed of Carbon, and are both nano-size. However, there's a big difference! Graphene Oxide has oxygen (and hydrogen) bonded to it and it is known to cause oxidative stress. Graphene Oxide is a flat sheet that readily absorbs specific radio frequencies producing ionizing radiation. Carbon 60, on the other hand, is very different—as different a diamond is to Carbon Dioxide a gas we breathe. Carbon-60 is spherical and deflects the radio frequencies in many directions; diffusing electromagnetic frequencies. Carbon-60 neutralizes damaging oxidative stress caused by ionizing radiation.

Rick continues>>> I've been taking NAcetylCystine and RedCherryExtract as anti-oxidants... I was thinking about adding hydrogen available from the guy who wrote Men are from Mars... John-- something-- following the Japanese who sell hydrogen water-- from water vending machines-- because its seen as the strongest anti-oxidant in existence.


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