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1/25/2022 6:36 am  #1

GLP ----> my GLP post in IceAge thread re: my sources.

Rolf Witze, Doug Diebold and Robert Felix have all been following the coming ice age. I attempt to keep up at my blog here...

Leonard Nimoy did a documentary around 1972 as part of the "In Search Of..." series that I believe can still be found on Youtube.

Both Diebold and Witze recommend hard-core survivalists move to within the topics of Cancer and Capricorn, to a higher elevation. The coming solar problem will involve both lower-sunspots and then a super-flare which will burn up the entire planet and bring super-tsunamis, drowning everything left.

Diebold has actual plans to survive the flare. Witze has a longer term strategy for the ice age itself. Felix delivers evidence of colder temps and failing crops. None of them refer to the DUMBS-- which might be a potential hide-out as well. Recent true history of Tartaria is covered by Jon Levi on youtube among others. Godgevlamste on youtube covers none of this but points out how the configuration of Earth is not what they've told us.




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