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2/22/2022 8:07 pm  #1

PatrickWood-Technocracy.ca---> Canadian Parliament article + my commen


It shocks me to watch the vote being taken in Parliament, posted on Youtube, that resulted in approving the “War Measures Act”/aka Emergency Power Act. I did not think it would pass… but it goes to show how many Libs are participating in the Globalocracy. I had to chuckle darkly at the comment about Canadian refugees.
Throughout the trucker revolt, I was aware this could end in disaster and it did. Similarly, the planned American version will result in some sort of disaster too… which reinvigorated my thinking on how to resist. It turns out that orwell.city is researching the vaxxines (which are not vaccines) and finding graphene oxide in them. The graphene revolution began in 2014 and as a new material is absolutely fantastic. The essence of the problem lies in neutralizing the technocrats abilities to use 5G / graphene oxide to turn humans into IoT.

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