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3/06/2022 4:09 pm  #1

Rumble-StewPeters/Dr.RobertMalone----> no mention of nGrOx!

rickaz64, just now

Malone said he had no regrets about putting the mRNA out there even though it was easily hijacked in a way that replaced the U and then become long lasting.... if you accept the mRNA narrative which I do not. I think the mRNA story is a cover-story to hide the fact that the "injections" contain "graphene oxide" and "hydra" that end up as a replicant alien parasite life-form living inside the human body that feeds off of 5G energy. I think Stew Peters and Dr. Malone continue the mRNA "charade" as part of the cover for the "graphene oxide" reality covered in detail at orwell.city.


My summary...

CA and OR have stopped mandating masks in schools but vax shots seem to continue.
CONFIDENTIAL Pfizer document exposee-- 1200 died among 42,000 injuries.

The mRNA vax is being used. Stew Peters talks to DR. Robert Malone said to be inventor of mRNA vaccine. [How can this be-- that Malone is out there talking?-rp]

9-page document released. Malone says “we can now see consequences of Warpspeed and approvals”... [Malone goes on and on... refers to “human clinical samples” and talks about “pre-clinical studies”... but isn’t Malone part of it? -rp]


[What is Malone’s role in all of this? -rp]

Disinformation is now “domestic terrorism” according to DHS. Other types of information are “mal information”.

Malone said he would call for a full-stop for covid vax.

Stew: Do you feel your tech and Warpspeed was hijacked to do this evil?

Malone: What we have here... AUGC are the different characters to align along a string of polymer chemical base RNA... in place of U... is a patent “griekal and weisman’... what they did is stuck in a chemical that is read by the “protein manufacturing”... What I put out that “gene therapy” that puts DNA or virus into your nucleus... is based on “permanent alteration” of your genes, randomly. A problem with gene therapy is that it goes in randomly. Can’t cut them out if protein produced is going wrong. RNA is temporary.

Pseudo Uragine... is NOT short lived. It’s not what I envisioned. It’s acting like a DNA. It’s a molecule behaving like DNA. It produces the effect for 6 months... not 15 minutes. The original idea was if mRNA was toxic, it would be gone rapidly.

Stew: Do you know how to stop it?

Malone: No. Shocking that reg agencies did not force companies to study how long it stays around.

Stew: Original idea.

Malone: Transient gene therapy of which mRNA is one ap. Protein... requires stuff to manufacture. No regrets. A german company creates good immune response for Covid19 without using U.

Stew: Covid19 is not airborne super virus. Why not talk about influenza B.? It’s not even a virus.. it’s a chimera weapon... They don’t give it to each other. QR codes coming- required to open your fridge or go to a movie.

Malone: lab leak

Stew: CIA reaching out to Malone, why?

Malone: Biodefense counter measures.

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