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3/10/2022 2:05 pm  #1

NaturalNews/MikeAdams---> CovidHoax->U->CyberWar->RussiaCutoff=FAMINE

NaturalNews/MikeAdams---> CovidHoax->U->CyberWar->RussiaCutoff=FAMINE

By cutting off Russia from world markets, western nations have also cut off their own supplies of natural gas, fertilizers and many food crops. The results are inevitable and irreversible: Global famine. It is now clear, if you do the math, that 1-2 billion human beings will face starvation by the end of 2022, just based on what has already been implemented in terms of economic sanctions and export bans. If things get worse, as many as 4 billion people on planet Earth could face “food insecurity,” as it’s called.

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