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11/21/2020 8:13 pm  #1

Sat. nite Nov 21 2020 significantly loud compressor up close

This post is just to publicly notate... that I, on my second beer, walked down the street to see what it's like to be up close to the truck-tractor in the driveway, with its compressor running. The client's front door was open with screen security door closed and dog behind the screen that did not bark but was alert to my presence. The house occupants were not apparent. The noise was significant and it's unbelievable that the immediate neighbours have put up with this for over a year like me.

I noted a significant feature of this breach of neighbourhood etiquette. The front plate was OHIO. He's been parking that truck-tractor here for at least a year-- with OHIO plates. I intend to alert STATE LICENSE authorities on this breach and stop it that way. While I'm at it, I have next door neighbours with out of state plates for well over a year-- possibly 2 or 3...


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