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6/26/2022 9:13 am  #1

NewsWithViews/KNelson--> Covid vax violates Nuremberg Code

Rick says- The same problem exists right now in June 2022 as in June 2021 regarding covid-vax. It's still being pushed. The disasters creeping through every facet of life are still occuring behind the scenes of the current event news like elections, food factories being burned in the US, the Ukraine special operation, the gas prices etcetera. The ROCKEFELLER LOCKSTEP participation in lockdowns by the Phoenix mayor, the Arizona governor and the Guitar Center corporate board are still, though partially lifted... unpunished. I read this review of the situation at this time last year as vax-gene-editing-graphene shots were being introduced and the same elements apply right now as the CDC-FDA have approved "shots" for babies and kids.... a direct attack on personal integrity.... though the oblivious obedient significant section of the population simply go along to get along.


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