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7/21/2022 8:17 pm  #1

RickPotvinOriginalReport--> Fry's (Kroger) pushes "boosters" by Pfizer

RickPotvinOriginalReport--> Fry's (Kroger) pushes "boosters" by Pfizer

Rick says- You know those TV ads we keep seeing for class action lawsuits against pharmacy companies whose products caused injuries? Apparently, the pharma companies that produce unproven Experimental Use Authoriziation EUA mRNA vaxxines-- vaccines being redefined a few years ag0-- to include unproven gene therapy and graphene oxide (black goo?) and 5G microchips-- cannot be sued. However I think they will be sued. And Fry's-Kroger is going to have be named in that upcoming lawsuit for their constant promotions on overhead speakers in their stores for the killer vax made by Pfizer and Biontek... now refuted by none other than the Lancet! I'm a first person witness to Fry's/Kroger crimes against humanity in this regard because I hear the ads when I'm shopping.


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