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8/28/2022 2:55 pm  #1

McMasterU/TheCounterSignal---> Staff being forced to jab for job!

donovam@mcmaster.ca, hemswor@mcmaster.ca, vmcguir@mcmaster.ca, kasperso@mcmaster.ca, mccancjs@mcmaster.ca, prevecr@mcmaster.ca,
To the various department media-contacts at Mac... Do NOT “vaxxinate”!

To the various department media-contacts at Mac... Do NOT “vaxxinate”!  The so-called “vaccine” is being delivered in a variety of “lot numbers” with various toxicities, many include genetic therapy, which is not traditional vaccine. Many include graphene oxide which is a new material discovered in 2013 that can turn your body into a wi-fi transmitter for 4G and 5G. Ask yourselves why students at Mac are now off the hook in the jab for job hostage situation you all face.. but you, the staff are not. The vax is in fact a military weapon See more at my blog.

ARTICLE FROM TheCounterSignal.com

However, while McMaster is not forcing students to get jabbed, faculty aren’t so lucky.
“While our vaccination mandate continues to be paused, we encourage students, faculty and staff to keep up to date with their COVID vaccinations. MacCheck now offers the ability to upload proof of vaccination documentation for up to four doses,” the update continues.
“New hires must continue to provide proof of vaccination or seek and obtain an approved human rights-based exemption.”
All four of these universities are mere hours away from one another and in a province wherein the Chief Medical Officer has stated that young, healthy adults should consider the risk of myocarditis before getting further vaccinated.

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