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8/30/2022 7:53 pm  #1

CPSO ----> My email to CPSO

To CPSO-- I found a nice little article summarizing the covid scam that you’re part of that cites your now criminal organization...

One way medical practitioners are being bullied is through the strong-arm tactics of the agencies that licence them to practice. For instance, Canada’s College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) issued an ominous statement in late April 2020 threatening to remove the licence to practice medicine of any doctor who publicly spoke out against—or even raised questions about—the harmful side effects of lockdowns and/or the COVID vaccines that they witnessed while working on the frontlines in their local hospitals and communities
source: https://www.globalresearch.ca/our-species-genetically-modified-witnessing-humanity-march-toward-extinction-viruses-friends-not-foes/5763670

As CPSO credibility is gone so you may as well disband. Your current pres. von Vlymn wrote “I am honored to be taking on the role of CPSO President for 2022. While we had all hoped we would be moving to the endemic phase of COVID-19, it seems that new variants of concern are complicating that possibility.”

Even I know, and I’m only a piano teacher, that the covid virus has never been isolated and that virues are exosome useful to cell-detox. The covid-scam is part of the Global Reset scam. CPSO is therefore part of the scam. The Great Awakening will hopefully lead to all your indictments for fraud. I hope to see you all in prison jumpsuits. What a ship of fools you are. Your posturing as a medical authority is destroyed. How does it feel to have made your education, degrees and appointments useless and an insult to humanity? Pieces of garbage have more utility than you all. At least we can recycle garbage into something useful. You have my permission to reprint this rant in any rags you publish.

Rick Potvin


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