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9/05/2022 8:38 pm  #1

StewPeters-JaneRuby/rumbleTV--> latest "bivalent" vax garbage

Rick says- I can't stand taking time to sit through these Stew Peters videos but sometimes I force myself... and this one on Aug. 31 2022 is ok... It's a good point of reference. Stew is saying he's angry with Trump not rejecting the vax. Even DeSantis is not leading the charge against vax. I'd like to have a Stew Peters mp3 podcast... rather than video. Taking a shot or vaccination for anything is unsafe across the board because they're putting mRNA's in ALL shots now. So vaccinations are beoming vaxxinations. Even all drugs need to stop. All pharmaceutical products are made in China and India. It's not checked. Stew makes a good point. Stew Peters considering running for independent president. He says no quality control on these pharma products.


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