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10/05/2022 7:33 pm  #1

ChinaInsights/YT---> Chinese cities, Tibet, still under severe lockdow

Rick says- An insane collective suicide is occurring in Chinese cities and Tibet. The authorities are still demanding daily "nucleic acid testing".... like the PCR which the inventor himself said is not a valid test of a covid virus and who mysteriously died shortly after making that statement-- Kerry Mullins. Imagine that: An American biologist, Mullins, dies mysteriously, and the entire nation-state of China is killing itself with shutdowns based on his amplification-of-DNA "test" or "method".  Here in Phoenix, Arizona, demands for masking, testing and vaxxing have eased although NPR radio still advertises "get your shot". We're currently being overwhelmed by inflation-news and buy-gold-and-silver ads.  I only got through 10 minutes of the following China video but it's useful to watch at least that much. Lockdowns can occur here and in CAnada again if "they" want.


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