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11/06/2022 8:04 am  #1

CNN---> Arizona's allows invasion & water-theft by foreign entities

CNN---> Arizona's allows invasion & water-theft by foreign entities

Rick says- This is outrageous. Water shortages in AZ are being exacerbated by foreign companies allowed to buy land in AZ and steal the ground water. Without a federal-level nationalization of property in the USA, this, in my opinion, constitutes invasion. Larouche used to talk about a certain level of self-sufficiency and this is a case where ONLY Arizona or USA entities should be allowed to own this much agricultural land and water. Canada had good laws against foreign-ownership in the 1970's that kept a watch on it's own lands. The USA and Arizona are going to be destroyed if this doesn't stop. This is the second big story I saw concerning this. The first I ever heard of it was about six months ago on the front page of the Republic newspaper-rag here, about another UAE company using AZ water. This cannot be allowed.



11/06/2022 12:47 pm  #2

Re: CNN---> Arizona's allows invasion & water-theft by foreign entities

Rick says- I found an article in another publication I cannot cite now- where we see Las Vegas has constructed huge underground pipes from Lake Mead which was being depleted and lower than ever all summer 2022. This is in my mind scandalous and outrageous. How can this be happening? The underground pipe and tunnel business has expanded unbelievably, using tunnelling machines like BigBertha which was used only a few years ago to drill another hydro tunnel under Niagara Falls, Ontario.

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