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12/20/2020 7:53 am  #1

GLUONICS vs. GLUTERONICS-- a descriptive differentiation

Gluteronics is my coined word for ASC or Aldehyde Stabilized Cryopreservation. Gluonics is the study of gluons, one type of boson that holds protons together. It's interesting to consider the fact that people can be preserved with gluteronics and that they are also held together by gluons. Therefore, gluonics could very well be a sub-study-area --?-- of gluteronics. It all goes together, or, in this case, it all sticks together- like a good pan of scrambled eggs. Maybe that's a bad analogy-- although gluteronicists... (first use of that term here!?)... would definitely say that cryonicists brains are more like scrambled eggs than the brains of gluteronicists. That much I DO know even though I'm not signed up either way. Yet. Maybe never. I have to get my car fixed first.



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