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12/20/2020 8:01 am  #1

Making myself laugh at my own jokes feels good.

I'd like to write about how I make myself laugh. It occurs frequently enough that I think of it as a thing (and saying something is a thing is a thing too isn't it?) though I've never formally explored how one comes to create funny ideas and then laugh at them on my own. I don't really need others to create my own sense of comedy. Sometimes, after sipping coffee and writing a few lines, I spontaneously laugh-- but not before swallowing because I'm ever-so-aware of the laugh-spit-routine that I carefully sidestep. If I feel a laugh coming on, I hold it in like an oncoming sneeze.

Another thing about laughing is that some people have the habit of breathing INWARD on a laugh, sucking in air down their throat and making a sound like a frog. My first wife used to do that. It startled me and actually disgusted me. Shouldn't a girls or woman's laughter be "delightful"... "musical"?... but this backward inbreathing like a choking frog is quite common. Maybe these types of people have something wrong with them. I'll watch out for that in the future - and be careful not to marry them - but since everyone is wearing masks now (Dec. 2020), there's little opportunity for backward sucking inbreathing frog-laughs without sucking in that blue-mask... which would be double awful.


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