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12/30/2020 5:33 pm  #1

REAL ILLNESS = 5G hypoxia - Nashville Xmas Day Bomber said anti-5G!?

by Rick Potvin
I'm just reconsidering this 5G hypoxia again as being one of the major causes of what is being called covid-sickness. I looked at that early on cued from TheMilleniumReport. Now I find a reminder NamastePublishing in the UK.

from http://namastepublishing.co.uk/is-the-coronavirus-contagious-by-sally-fallon-morell/

I’m eager to dive into this because what I see in the mainstream media is they’re saying that this is misinformation and some platforms are removing anything that dares to suggest that there is a link between 5G and the Coronavirus.

I think we’ve almost experienced a takeover in this country and it’s being done with misinformation that this is a virus. While everybody’s quarantined, they’re deploying the 5G everywhere, going into high schools and putting in 5G saying they’re disinfectant crews. It’s going up all over the place. The first outbreak of this disease was in Wuhan, China. Wuhan, China was where 5G was first deployed on the large scale. They deployed 10,000 base stations more than in the whole United States in one city. That’s when people started getting sick. There was a big spike when they turned the 5G on a major highway in Wuhan. It then came to New York and Los Angeles, the big cities, and then it spread out to the smaller cities. That’s what they’re calling the spread of this virus. People are now getting sick in Florida, southeast and southwest as they deploy this technology.

Sally Fallon Morell and Tom Cowan are working together to expose the 5G hypoxia sensitivity problem... and they've assembled it in The Contagion Myth... I've seen this before but I think I would re-emphasize it today, Dec 30,2020.

12/30/2020 5:45 pm  #2

Re: REAL ILLNESS = 5G hypoxia - Nashville Xmas Day Bomber said anti-5G!?

by Rick Potvin
I'll post a link here to my critique of Jon Rappaport for his continued downplaying of 5G in favor of other forms of pollution. I think the counter to Jon would be Morrel/Cowan's The Contagion Myth where they emphasize, I think, 5G. https://coronavirushoax.blogspot.com/2020/04/my-favorite-covid-exposee-write-might.html#comment-form

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12/30/2020 6:54 pm  #3

Re: REAL ILLNESS = 5G hypoxia - Nashville Xmas Day Bomber said anti-5G!?

by Rick Potvin
The MILLENIUM REPORT alerted me early on in 2020 that 5G rollout at 60hz oxygen-molecule resonance/breaking frequency... was causing health emergencies. Here is a list of some relevent MilleniumReport articles.



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