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1/21/2021 11:20 am  #1

GLP Able Patriot---> The United States are under military control


This just received; The United States are no longer under Civilian control. Pete Gaynor the head of FEMA is, as is Christopher Miller and the US Military. Both were put in charge by President Trump and activated by executive order. Gaynor is a combat infantry expert with Marine Forces. What is going on in DC with the FEMA tents right now? Oh, you folks are about to be jolted wide awake soon. So now we have Christopher Miller, expert in unconventional warfare, and now Pete Gaynor with FEMA. Christopher Miller is 100% in charge of the Military right now. And Pete Gaynor in charge of FEMA.

In the absence of a functioning government, who takes charge? Who runs America? FEMA and the Military.

Who leads both? Christopher Miller and Pete Gaynor. Both put in place by Trump.

So, what do you see going on in DC right now? FEMA tents, FEMA Personnel, FEMA vehicles and National Guard troops, whom are about to become federalized once the insurrection act is unveiled.

All in one swoop, Washington DC is going to become under control not by Trump, but under control by a contingency government run by FEMA and US Military. We are in an active Military coup. But it is a coup to restore the Republic. Its against the fake Biden and Harris election. It has taken a lot longer than most people would have liked, but this operation was not put together with consideration of peoples timing, of when they want arrests and when they want things to happen.

It (the situation) is out of Trumps controls now and has been for a few days. Its now under full control of the US Military and FEMA authority. FEMA Administrator Pete Gaynor takes over Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as acting head, in charge of D.C.


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