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2/17/2021 7:13 am  #1

Judy Byington---> Med Beds???? this is a weird story with legs.

Med Beds

[*]The Quantum Healing Technologies of Med Beds | America Out Loudamericaoutloud.com/the-quantum-healing... Med-Beds create maximum human repair via minimal invasion by way of light and energy through tachyonic particles and plasma energy. Since we live in a vibrational universe, and humans are vibrational beings, the healing occurs through a homeopathic frequency realignment approach with little to no side effects.
[*]Med Bedswww.med-beds.com Thank you for your interest in Med Beds. AI-controlled plasma and tachyon energy healing pods. Distribution of and access to the Med Beds remains elusive at this time. Also known as Celestial Chambers. We will Stay in Touch with You. We will share any updates we receive with you as soon as we get them.



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