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2/18/2021 9:14 am  #1

Patrick M Wood / Technocracy.news ---> CDC totally corrupt

Rick adds... Why did all companies, all govn'ts, all institutions, everyone, everywhere, everybody... take "orders" from the see dee see? Everywhere in the world? Every country? Everyone, everywhere, everything? Sovereign nation states, different companies and different orgs ALL worked in "lockstep".... according to Rockefeller Lockstep plan discussed at Event201 in Oct. 2020.... but how was this even possible? How can all wrong headed orgs be operating like this?

My answer: There must be a layer of reality operating-- even beyond money-- beyond Lockstep operations-- beyond our ordinary understanding of reality. This could be the result of a level of technology we can only understand as evil-demonic-magic of some sort.. a hypnosis on a quantum level... spiritual warfare unleashed.


2/18/2021 9:21 am  #2

Re: Patrick M Wood / Technocracy.news ---> CDC totally corrupt


Scroll down halfway to get the excellent podcasts...


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