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2/20/2021 10:23 am  #1

Johns Hopkins prof-- Covid herd immunity by April 2021... and gone?

Rick: This past week saw the repeating mockingbird alt media repeat this story .... Johns Hopkins prof-- Covid herd immunity by April 2021... and gone?  https://www.wsj.com/articles/well-have-herd-immunity-by-april-11613669731

Drudge featured it today-- and you would think CDC/WHO would chime in... but despite this "cognitive dissonant" "new news"... or "good news"... I think it'll go nowhere. Everyone everywhere in every organization and on every level are ignoring logic, reason and normality... and are wearing masks no matter what... and getting vaccinated no matter what. Emails I send out get no responses. Nobody talks anymore.

Donald Trump Jr said the virus will disappear after the election, and Trump himself said the virus will disappear like "magic"... some time ago. This latest article hints at that... but we're so deep in this nonsense that nothing will change. Certainly the covid-hoax is only a PART of the BIGGER picture of TECHNOCRATIC TAKEOVER COUP against a normal international order-- so I can't trust it.

Rick says-- I did a search on "johns hopkins" + "herd immunity" and this is great news but already the yahoo search is full of counter-theories that it doesn't matter or that herd immunity is "dangerous". I mean- WTH? How can "immunity" be a bad thing? This is cognitive dissonance in top form.

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