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2/21/2021 9:09 pm  #1

Doug Vogt / Diebold Foundation on GLP ---> how Dominion cheated


Dominion Voting feedback

To Dominion Voting--
Doub Vogt's has video showing Made in China
You have a bigger problem than you realize. First of all-- if you truly had problems with the objections raised by Rudy Guliani and Mike Lindell and Sydney Powell-- then you would have published a list of their objections with your counter-points--- RATHER than simply sue them for millions. Your lawsuits are frivolous in a land of free speech, by definition, IMO. You would convince thinkers like me of your points if you simply came on the public arena and demonstrated your arguments.  A newer challenger to your system is Doug Vogt, however, and you won't be able to surpass his arguments. He shows video of Dominion machines made in China.  As well, Lyndon Larouche wrote, years ago, that computerized voting by definition, if a problem. You'd be better off to dissolve your company and do something else. Posted on my forum at https://rickpotvin63.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?pid=338#p338


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