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3/05/2021 4:25 pm  #1

Government of Belize---> Rick's letter to.. Orlando Habel, DisasterMgt

To: Hon. Orlando Habet re: Ice Age 2046
Dear Mr. Habet--

Some of my colleagues are considering an idea that might be of interest to the government of Belize over the next 25 years. I note that you are head of disaster management in Belize.

The idea of a new ice age is a bit speculative but we consider it quite seriously and have plenty of evidence for it. We see an oncoming "ice age" for the northern and southern hemispheres. We are considering equatorial zone countries like Belize to be potential areas for ice age survivalists. Our best estimate for when the next Ice Age will suddenly hit is 2046.

Would you or your colleagues be interested in following the literature in this regard? I'm developing a forum where you're invited to view some topics. The forum is currently undeveloped but it will point to more professional and developed websites on this topic as I come up with them. Our hope is that we may gain friendly cooperation with equatorial countries to establish ice-age-safety-zones. We think that be starting the process now, it will set the basis for project success 25 years from now.

Rick Potvin, Phoenix, Arizona USA
Thanks for your time. Here's my forum...


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