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3/05/2021 4:31 pm  #1

Diebold Foundation, Doug Vogt---> Doug's youtubes...

Diehold Foundation

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This video covers what happened to the Hebrews after they left Mount Sinai. The greatest secret in the Torah, I try to explain why the Operating System/God orchestrated events stretching in time from Abraham to finally Moses getting the two tables that became the Torah. This is the first time in the last 2,600 years that anyone has discovered how the Ark of the Covenant worked and where the Hebrews went. If you have any questions on any of the videos, just send your questions to research@dieholdfoundation.com or info@dieholdfoundation.com and they will be answered directly or in a Q&A video in that series. List of all the video Series’s: Video Series 1 The Theory of Multidimensional Reality. Part 1: The two different ways to describe the Universe: https://youtu.be/FYnb2GvCEWw . Part 2: Defining the Problem. How I found the Clock Cycle in the Universe; https://youtu.be/NCrczGaUv0Y . Part 3: Creation of the Atom and Defining Dimensions; https://youtu.be/hA14BIEWsOY . Part 4: Dimensions 5-8. What is Gravity; https://youtu.be/uxIBL0fyVZE . Part 5: What is Light; https://youtu.be/ykeLiKP9RW4 . Part 6: The Subatomic “Particles” and what they Really are; https://youtu.be/Y-HvHvF3LMU . Part 7: Where Quasars get their energy; https://youtu.be/b8OsDwPaBzM . Part 8: The Crisis in Physics; https://youtu.be/LmIUoDpFrnk . Video Series 2. Creation of the Hebrew Alphabet. Part 1: The creation model of the Hebrew Alphabet; https://youtu.be/G_Fiyij2FP4 . Part 2: The science philosophy behind the Hebrew Alphabet; https://youtu.be/HgzTQxJT3HQ . Part 3: The Three Shapes the Letters Form; https://youtu.be/x4YsD-23yJY . Part 4: Dating the Torah and the Technology; https://youtu.be/KBDV70e1W2Y . Video Series 3. Gravity & time experiments. Part 1: Field Experiment at Oregon Vortex, Santa Cruz Mystery Spot; https://youtu.be/NFBGxi_InoI . Video Series 4. Causes of the Ice Ages & Polar Reversals. Part 1: Clock cycles that cause the reversals; https://youtu.be/bMr-5HHnAmU . Part 2: Proof Sun novas; https://youtu.be/PS_yq19Af-s . Part 2B: Proof all stars Nova; https://youtu.be/R2SolQPKlag . Part 3: The great flood; https://youtu.be/m-g4Xt-VVzA . Part 4A: Sea level changes; https://youtu.be/GD30QvUJfXQ . Part 4B: Meteors do not cause extinctions; https://youtu.be/7LmCyDp0RDI . Part 4C/E: 14C dating Issues; https://youtu.be/7N2q2DZ23PM . Part 4D: Greenland crater; https://youtu.be/my9Ba1ZAyVY . Part 4F: Earth’s rotation reverses during polar reversal; https://youtu.be/BhENb-Su9WE . Part 4G: Mechanism that creates the Earth’s magnetic field & rotation?; https://youtu.be/QtT_kBRXtnM . Part 5A: Ways to survive the reversal; https://youtu.be/iJPWnZjuUbA . Part 5B: The easy way to survive; https://youtu.be/dtFwzbJ6rkk . Part 5C: Most coded secret in the Torah; https://youtu.be/Qew56PacOeQ . Video Series 6. Moses 10 Code Systems: Part 1: Code systems 1-7; https://youtu.be/iBXOFwHov0E . Part 2: Code systems 8-10, #12,068 Embedded in the Torah; https://youtu.be/NVe-uGEdtZs . Video Series 7. God’s Code System: Part 1: God’s 11th code system; https://youtu.be/FlnGSMtyBe0 . Part 2: 12,068 day cycles: https://youtu.be/sp3HtKU6I4U . Video Series 8. Abraham & the cave: Part 1: Why Abraham Sold his Half Sister 2X; https://youtu.be/vm-yBMMl5f0 . Part 2: Coded Names for Mount Sinai & the Technology in the cave; https://youtu.be/yghxYTKTAdw . Video Series 9. Joseph & slavery for 11 Tribes: Part 1: Young Joseph; https://youtu.be/nAydLkyvolA . Part 2: Becomes prime minister; https://youtu.be/6puAK4HhvD8 . Part 3: 11 tribes enslaved; https://youtu.be/c26yb54mfh8 . Video Series 10. The Exodus and Finding the Real Mount Sinai: Part 1: the Pharaoh; https://youtu.be/o9u2UTPyXTo . Part 2: Moses & the cave; https://youtu.be/Ge_QR6vloZI . Part 3: The Altars; https://youtu.be/lSvAqGROWdw . Part 4: The Ark: https://youtu.be/RNTO98i5mwg . Part 5: After Mount Sinai; https://youtu.be/rAMFPcH-ySE . Part 6: The missing 12 tribes: https://youtu.be/vuNWKbMddr8 . Video Series 12. How & who Changed the Science: Part 1: How & Who; https://youtu.be/5RxSAScquPY . Part 2: Why the Piso’s did it; https://youtu.be/pJIiieYFWvI . The books mentioned can be purchased through www.Amazon.com or www.vectorpub.com & www.dieholdfoundation.com. The Diehold Foundation is a 501(C)3 Public Science Foundation. Donations are tax deductible and are welcomed.


8/02/2021 4:38 pm  #2

Re: Diebold Foundation, Doug Vogt---> Doug's youtubes...

Rick says-- I'm popping this to the top to get Doug Vogt's update, given Mike Adams of Natural News and John Moore (the Liberty Man) have said about the coming ELE... Extinction Level Event... a massive flood of Earth-- which is consistent with Doug Vogt's theory of magnetic pole reversal....


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8/02/2021 4:41 pm  #3

Re: Diebold Foundation, Doug Vogt---> Doug's youtubes...

Rick says--- I'm seeing a direct connection today... between the covid hoax-- and graphene oxide poision and 5G control... and the coming ELE.. explained by John Moore... as seen on Mike Adams... consistent with Doug Vogt... The ELITE are attempting to kill off most of humanity to be able to control as many resources as possible... for themselves in the coming ELE-- but they cannot let humanity know... otherwise humanity will stop working for them... to support their survival cause.... The world is coming to an end, according to Doug Vogt in 2046... We have maybe 25 years or less... probably less... as things become more desperate.

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