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3/07/2021 7:32 pm  #1

godgevlamste----> My questions about CraterEarth: Disclosure

Crater Earth : disclosure ?
1. BiggerEarth is a good variation of SuperEarth. But it cannot be GreaterEarth because it sounds like CraterEarth
2. How can BiggerEarth have an atmosphere and clouds? What lights up the tops of those clouds as the shuttle looks down on them? 6:46
3. At 1:50 godgev says the light is coming from the other side. What creates the light on BiggerEarth? A BiggerSun? The only Sun? How high must the sun be, if it's "THE" sun... ? Can someone following godgev draw a diagram?
4. At 2:30 the reference to Yellow Submarine and the Fish Symbol as PrisonPlanetEarth implies the Beatles knews. And the Pope knows. And the Vatican knows. Why have they kept it a secret? Should there not be enough to do and enough room for everyone on GreaterEarth? Is GreaterEarthEpcot currently occupied? Is there AIR out there? Commander Byrd said there is a land beyond the south pole-- is this what he meant?
5. It's interesting that godgev calls this video "disclosure" with the very first images of CraterEarth and BiggerEarth around it... very much gives me the same feeling I had when at 12 years old saw man land on the (fake) moon in 1969.
6. 3:00 "the bigger earth is a ball... some flat-earthers are not going to like that"... But if BiggerEarth is a ball... then where is that ball? Are there other BigBalls in SuperSpace?
7. All the astronuts are in on the secret. 3:15. But why convict them of crimes against humanity? Why not expose the reality to humanity ourselves... and forget about them? If BiggerEarth exists, let's go! Because there is an ice age due on CraterEarth in 2046. The sun is losing its spots and getting colder and will explode. It's better for us to be outside the crater when this happens, depending on where the sun is. Where is the sun? Over CraterEarth or BiggerEarth?


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