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3/07/2021 8:53 pm  #1

Jon Levi ----> San Fran phase I, phase II destruction / phase III...

Jon's video on San Fran mysteries.
My comments
Nice overview! Mystery A and B... never before thought of that way? Questions and tentative theories with recaps.

1. Part I mystery of San Fran... 1849 to 1870s-- apparently San Fran built from nothing to something fantastic in 20 years... like Old Europe with nobody to be seen. Pandemic? Post pandemic? My tentative answer-- San Fran was already there... from the previous civilization but unpopulated due to starvation... caused by subsequent mini-ice ages. We'll have to check the ice-age/solar-spots cycles. Photography at that time luckily captured it in its glory after starvation-ice-age and before follow up destruction by solar-nova-flare.

2. Part II mystery of San Fran... Another 20 years.. 1890... destruction. Aerial firebomb or ... Solar NOVA... ??? Left wooden power poles. Cooked out everything else. Check to see if there could have been a NOVA of the sun in 1890.... The sun super-nova'd.... which is connected with volcanoes, dimming of the sun, earthquakes. Again check the solar-spot cycle and mini-ice-age cycle. See Doug B Vogt videos re: ice ages. PHOTOS never before seen of devastation-- referred to as result of earthquake-- but obviously more than an earthquake, yet never before analyzed as a big mystery...

3. Part III... City rebuilt?

4. Original Capitol Buliding. Blocks dumped. 5:40. Fascinating old carved blocks.

5. 7:20 JON: Chinese replica of China. Brand new (so they say) cities. All govn't are in cahoots... example Antarctica. All work in unison. Take orders from anyone but people. Have bigger plan. Nations, post-reset, are kept primitive. Once reorganized, open up. Most things repurposed and inherited. Anything over 1000 yrs old, destroyed. Communism a tool for restructuring. Communist nations have the secrets of oldworld. INdoctrination.
RICK: Consider solar cycles, sun-nova's, ice-ages as described by Doug B. Vogt. on youtube... I'm putting together some ideas here... https://rickpotvin63.boardhost.com/viewforum.php?id=17  ...also godgevlamste with BiggerEarth ideas-- you referred us to explains how there may be a breakaway society... occupying land beyond the South Pole per Admiral Byrd...

6. We all need to work on a written / illustrated version of Jon Levi's vids... and I doing a forum where I'm attempting some of that... but splicing in CraterEarth that Jon pointed to awhile ago by godgevlamste as well as the upcoming ice age-- an emergency that the elites might be attempting to escape by killing off 90% of us with vaccines... so they can have craterEarth to themselves... Where is the sun-- over CraterEarth or BiggerEarth?

more here.. .


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