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7/05/2021 8:14 am  #1

PatrickWood-Technocracy.ca---> My comment on cryonics.


Actually, the theory behind it was expressed nicely by Eric Drexler in 1985 in his book “Engines of Creation”, a treatise that outlined the idea of, and engineering possible with… “nanotechnology”… or control of matter on the scale of 10 to the minus 9 meters…. or nanometers. Drexler wrote of cryonics… “Memory and personality are encoded in preservable brain structure”.

Admittedly, nanotechnology may have constraints that preclude recovery and rebuilding of a brain but the principle behind it has merit. After all, the frozen food industry has been very successful, for example. The principle behind frozen Marie Callendar meals is that by lowering the temperature of food to below zero F., the hardened cold food is preservable until at some point in the far future– say next week– we desire to eat it- at which point we heat it up and it becomes edible once again.

Preserving and rewarming a human body only differs from frozen food in that the molecular structure is more finely detailed. It’s merely a difference in scale. And of course, edibility. We ought not consider humans edible. Understanding cryonics requires a shift in thinking… a conceptual leap in other words. It’s a very interesting topic with a lot of angles once you enter the world of thinking conceptually.


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