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11/03/2020 10:19 am  #1

MASK BLOWBACK needs to be taken to town/city/county councils.

Rick's Covid Diary Nov. 3, 2020
     Wow, I've made several posts to this new attempt to create an online instant publishing area for myself so I may as well go with it. I'm not sure why I started in ernest today but I'll bet it has something to do with the Nov. 3 Election Day in the USA as a turning point for attempting to help turn things around and get them normalized.
     My mom in Burlington, Ontario indicated to me that there was a big broo-haha in Burlington yesterday over masks and so I found the following article about a mask blowback occurring in N. Carolina even more interesting. Judging from previous material I've read, it looks like ordinary people are going to have to start going to city/state/town/county council meetings and getting some words in. I've noted that online-monitering of the meetings was possible for many years so we might start with that.


11/13/2020 1:02 am  #2

Re: MASK BLOWBACK needs to be taken to town/city/county councils.

Thank you for this creative enterprise allowing free-wheeling conversations of various genera and
species of thought. I started a post reply on the mask blowback, but lost it somewhere, so I will just
briefly state that  1) I have not worn a mask in public at all, 2) civil disobedience is essential, and
3) where is the Brown Act in regards to secret meetings, given that some people are not able to
participate online due to no computer or internet access, part of the war on the poor, and on the
electro-sensitive. And please forgive my personal message, I thought I was addressing the rick in
arizona piano guy who posts on Rappoports' lyceum NMFN (no more fake news). Anyways, just
getting my feet wet on your interesting site. Thank you for your initiative and galvanic thoughts.

create your own entertainment---Henry David Thoreau

11/13/2020 9:15 am  #3

Re: MASK BLOWBACK needs to be taken to town/city/county councils.

Oh yeah, that's me... I didn't recognize NoMoreFakeNews as NMFN... I must have got it confused with INRI or NXIVM... it just didn't click. NoMoreFakeNews... that's me.

BROWN ACT- I'll look into that-- it might be helpful in my work with Guitar Center where they're requiring online teaching now or masked-distanced-civil rights breaching teaching in person.

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11/13/2020 11:32 am  #4

Re: MASK BLOWBACK needs to be taken to town/city/county councils.

Okeh, Now, that makes sense...by the way, on Jon's  forum/lyceum, my nom de plume is yerba buena, as
that is a name of one of my favorite plants, a medicinal wild mint, also the original name of San Francisco,
because the plant grew all over there. I can affirm that individual people have the power to change things
on the city council/planning commission level, I spoke at a planning commission meeting thirty-odd years
ago to protest a developers' intent to tear down one house and build two in its place. Three of us in the
neighborhood spoke, and...we won, the two-for-one deal was turned down, Power to the people!
Maskless in Carmel, yay! Keep up the great work, you've got a great site here. 

create your own entertainment---Henry David Thoreau

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