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8/05/2021 9:38 am  #1

SOTN----> 4 DC officers suicide long after Jan 6 fake insurrection?

Rick says-- I didn't like that event that Trump dragged suppporters to in DC on Jan. 6. He should have  been on twitter leading an effort to watch that the 6 or 7 swing states votes get rejected on grounds of improper procedures... and then sent back to CONGRESS for 1 vote for 1 state reconsideration... or back to State Legislatures. Trump interrupted the process... then Trump-followers got tricked into participating in a fake insurection/riot/protest/whatever.. by FBI and others... NOW... this is the first real update I keep seeing-- that many of the supporters are in SOLITARY????.... and even worse-- 4 DC officers said to have suicided???? and this is coming out WHILE nutcase Pelosi is holding hearings on Jan 6 in a KANGAROO session? How can something like this even hang together... ???? Here's the SOTN article I found written well about the DC cop fake suicides/murders...  long after Jan 6 because they likely knew how the operation was conducted.


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