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8/18/2021 5:59 pm  #1

CryoTalkAgentRS----> Why would he delete my youtube comments?

Rick says-- I recently discovered youtube vids by CryoTalk-AgentRS... but yesterday he deleted my comments to his youtube on cryonics and spirituality having to do with the VMAT2 gene, the vax... and sodium fluoride. He's been a critic of current cryonics culture... making the case that it's social-patterns are limited yet here I am breaking out a new area of of cyronics thought-- and he deleted me? Makes me wonder what his real motive is now. As well, he has not addressed covid in general, nor graphene oxide in vaxxes... nor... the issue of whether cryonicists should mask or vax... though Ron & Rand Paul... Liberterian.. rejects both-- so cryos should reject both since most cryos are liberterian. I post link to his channel later.


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