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10/02/2021 9:38 am  #1

GDL---> Jabs kill instantly when put in artery, not muscle.

GDL---> Jabs kill instantly when put in artery, not muscle.

Rick says-- I found this on GDL this morning and am posting it right away rather than later in the day like I normally do.. because it explains instant cardiac death after jabs. Frankly, I can't stand thinking about jabs, injections or anything medical. In the 18 months since the Covid-Crap hit the world-at-large... and since vaccinators started doing their thing in Jan. 2021-- increasingly and relentlessly through 2021-- non-stop insanity really--- when we were supposed to be going back to normal, I never once considered the DETAILS on how the shots are delivered. The following is amazing and horrific.


As a Medical Assistant in the ‘70’s that is how we were trained. To always pull back on the plunger after entering the muscle to be sure we hadn’t entered a blood vessel, if no blood entered then it was safe to give the intramuscular injection. I haven’t seen anyone giving these shots pull back to see that they are safely in the muscle. It takes a second longer and it seems no one takes the time to be safe. Over the years as an RT, I have noticed nurses have dropped the practice. It has been a concern of mine
too. Good point OP. Getting the shot in the right arm is an idea, also, it is further from the heart.
That is what I advised the Kids. Certainly with Children, everyone should be extremely cautious. The purity of the injections is the latest cause for concerns. People of every nation are reporting things in the solutions that should stop everyone from continuing this whole thing, until every vial is guaranteed safe, pure ingredients and no parts and participles of moving, chip like particulate. Every vaccine maker is still liable for impurities and “platform” components that can cause allergic damaging and even deadly reactions. Apparently if you die before the two to three weeks after the completed vaccination process, you are reported as unvaccinated. Even if you are hospitalized during that time frame, they can claim you have not been vaccinated.stoidi


maybe the order not to aspirate is so they can fake some of the jabs...??

And, regardless whether the vaxx is injected IM or IV, the vaxx is POSION.
Graphene Genocide

Re: Answer to why many are dead just hours after the Jab: a needle in a blood vessel and not muscle, the poison gets to the heart almost instantly.

"This is INVALUABLE information.


The death injections are intended to be injected into the MUSCLE. When you coerce over a billion people into a poisonous injection, when the needle goes into the tricep or any muscle, there is a statistically significant chance that the needle will just happen to hit a blood vessel and the poison is injected directly into the bloodstream and not into muscle fiber.

Nurse Claire and others assure me that DAY ONE nurse school and doctor school about stabbing people with needles for an intramuscular injection is that you ASPIRATE the NEEDLE to make damn sure you’re not in a blood vessel.

How you do this is to pull back on the plunger of the syringe while holding the syringe and needle in place to create suction on the needle. If blood pulls into the syringe, you’re in a blood vessel, so you withdraw the needle entirely and stab again. If there is no blood as you aspirate the needle, you’re good, and you depress the plunger and the injection is placed inside of muscle tissue.

Per the excellent video below, not only are 'death injection technicians' NOT aspirating the needle, but...wait for it...the FDA, WHO and the UK drug approval body have SPECIFICALLY given instructions to NOT aspirate the needle. This is PROOF of malicious, murderous intent. What POSSIBLE reason could there be to NOT do what is day one nursing and med school protocol: to aspirate the needle when injecting intramuscularly, to ensure that the injection is NOT going into the bloodstream???

So this explains why the poison in the death injections kills a percentage of people very quickly- within hours. Because when people get the Death Injection, it is literally playing the 'Clottery'. If the person who stabs you hits a blood vessel, the poison is delivered IMMEDIATELY to your heart and circulatory system. And you die like a dog being put down. Because really, that’s all you are, ever were, or ever will be in the satanic minds of the Covigarchs.
The percentage of people dropping dead within hours-to-days is exactly the same percentage as randomly sticking a needle into an adult tricep with hit a blood vessel, methinks.

And don’t think for a second that being injected with this poison into muscle fiber means it is 'safe'. No. It just means that the poisoning will not be instantaneous, but will be cumulative and drawn out, especially with repeated doses."

[link to www.barnhardt.biz (secure)]

This would definitely explain why some people have keeled over almost instantly after receiving it. The poison goes straight to the heart instead of bouncing around for months or even years.


10/06/2021 1:42 pm  #2

Re: GDL---> Jabs kill instantly when put in artery, not muscle.

Rick- a very important post, thank you...
This is tantamount to murder in the first degree, a capitol crime. Reckless, wanton disregard for life.
These are crimes against humanity on an epic scale, and as Jon wrote last year, "There will be hell
to pay" for those taking part in this tyranny.  I will include this malpractice routine in the flyer that I am
constructing. I've got a bunch of sharp lathe tools for defense in the event. Some other tools as well.
Peace, love and creativity, Herb

10/06/2021 2:46 pm  #3

Re: GDL---> Jabs kill instantly when put in artery, not muscle.

Thanks for you input yerba. Tools are good just in case.

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