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10/12/2021 7:15 pm  #1

RickPotvinOriginalReport---> Dollar Store small talk btwn med pro &me

RickPotvinOriginalReport---> Dollar Store small talk btwn med pro &me

Rick says-- I'm only coming down now from quite an encounter with quite a nice looking middle age woman with long bare legs, shorts and nice face and other parts. I explain: Dollar Store visits for me are frequent. Lines are 5 deep in early afternoon. I go mainly in morning but hit early afternoon today after a visit to a clothing store, Ross. I first saw "her" at Ross and of course, being a girl-watcher, noted her. Up and down the ailes we go and alas she ends up behind me at Ross. I got to Dollar Store and she ended up behind me there too. Quite a coincidence so I struck up a small-talker convo as we waited-- which was easy for me because 90% of the people in both stores were masked but neither she nor me were.

Waiting was interminable, I paced, checked my shopping list, glanced at her behind me and broke the ice.
"No mask like me eh?".
She gave a little hint of a smile which is a good sign right off the bat.
"I'm not from Arizona, they don't work anyway".
Non-chalantly, I offered a mansplainin'l response "well, they cut down on oxygen flow too".
So far so good I thought.
"No, I'm in the medical business and they don't cut oxygen flow".
Uh oh. I'm in trouble now, dammit.
"How can a mask NOT cut down on air flow?"
"Science says they don't."
I noted at this point that her demeanor was stiffening up into a cult-like mainstream media memorized procedure, so at this point I gave up on further friendly demeanor and thought about how to politely exit before it was my turn at the teller. I thought I would change topic but a direct professional exchange would be appropriate now because I assumed we knew each other well enough now to be brutally honest.
"So are you a pro-vaxxer or anti-vaxxer?" I smiled my salesman qualifying question smile as if I were asking a piano-prospect if they played a musical instrument or not. I think I look friendly when I ask pointed questions like that but I suddenly became nervous as I noted her increasingly alien-cult glow.
"Definitely pro-vax".
Well! At least we had enough intimacy between us to have a brutally honest response. Because that's how civilizied professionals behave regardless of being evil or good.
My turn at the cashier had come... I needed an exit line quick. Of course I opened up a big smile, did NOT look her in the eyes but up at the cieling because I'm chicken lilly livered little squirt when it comes to volative encounters with good looking scantily dressed professional women slightly taller than me and said...
"That's HARD CORE!" and laughed out loud... turning to my cashier.
I laughed at my own internal humor... knowing that my "hard core" referred to her sexy legs as much as her alien-agenda fearsome cult-like insanity. Both fear and attraction struck me at the same time. I didn't look back at her as I exited the store but it sure felt like I had encountered either a well trained covid cult fanatic or a demonically possessed alien creature of some sort. I was definitely unnerved and amped up as a result and decided to not attempt to write it down until happy hour when I had a beer to work me through it.

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