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10/13/2021 3:26 pm  #1

Technocracy.news/PatrickWood----> GreatReset triggered by Covid:review

Technocracy.news/PatrickWood----> GreatReset triggered by Covid:review

Rick says: By understanding the process used by the New World Order, we might be able to throw their take-over off here and there and possibly everywhere. For example, they themselves say the covid-crisis provided the basis for engaging in Agenda 2030, ten years earlier than they thought they would have to wait. So what we can do is THWART their 5G/graphene-oxide plan-- by turning off cell phones and not getting injected... and using graphene against them by insulating houses and everything with it... in its solid form. Birds and bees will come back after microwave wweapons are switched off... and we can then continue. Here's an article that reviews several angles on what they did to start 5GCOVID WAR ON HUMANITY....now with hydra-like parasites!!! Right out of a horror movie.


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