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10/16/2021 4:11 pm  #1

RickPotvinOriginalReport---> "I would wear a mask anyway", she said.

RickPotvinOriginalReport---> "I would wear a mask anyway", she said.

Rick says- I was at Ross Department Store a few hours ago getting a few things and the new clerk at the register was plastic-gloved and severely masked up. As I passed through check-out, I made a small greeting, unmasked of course, and politely asked "Is Ross requiring you to be vaxxed?". "No" she said, "at least not yet". I continued "Well, that's good so far... do they make you wear a mask". "Yes but even if they didn't I would wear one anyway", she said in a light-hearted jovial-overweight-as-she-was-flubber-bodied young woman. Silently to myself, I thought "that's because you're a big fat idiot" but I dared not blurt it out. "Thank you", I actually said without insult and walked out with my goods.

What kind of a person is this? There is a huge category of Gen xyz-whatevers, younger than me- tatooed, colour haired, ring nosed, and flippant about severe mask wearing that is completely out of a dystopic future. They must be on social media marching to the beat of the same leaders who are telling them to become like one another... to erase their individuality by breathing more Carbon Dioxide and less Oxygen on PURPOSE.... lowering their human-energy and becoming more like the hive-minded-alien-insect-reptoid species now invading the planet Earth. I don't mind all of that as much as the flippant and nasty arrogance that comes through them-- as if they're winning.


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