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10/19/2021 1:49 pm  #1

JohnKaminski----> Overview by Kaminski with my comments.

Rick says- I modified Kaminski's article a little bit by making new paragraphs and paragraph headers making it more fun to read. I added a comment here and there.
Keywords: covid - kaminsky - expendable.
website-- https://www.johnkaminski.org/index.php/john-kaminski-american-writer-and-critic-2/353-the-world-s-nightmare

by John Kaminksi [slightly edited by Rick Potvin]

If you don’t already know that the fake cures have already caused many more deaths than the fake disease, then you’ve been watching too much TV. If you still have a functioning brain and plan on keeping it, you should never watch it again. So now we are finding out what the demonic monster Bill Gates meant by reducing the population with more efficient vaccines. Have you already sacrificed yourself to the Great Reset without sufficiently investigating what that needle squirted into your arm? Millions of others already have. They’re waiting for you in hell, by the way.

The question we asked was this. Could some people have become so evil that they would accept untold riches to kill off large numbers of their own species? Or have they always been that way? Whichever answer you choose, is there any doubt that this is what is happening today? There is none. No other assessment is possible for this despotic COVID epidemic, a pharmaceutical power play being inflicted on uninformed citizens who generally obey the dictates of the bureaucratic structures which pretend to govern them, but in actuality harvest them for profit. Following those orders has already cost more than a million people their lives.

Australia’s leaders have shown a particularly vicious disrespect for their own hamstrung citizenry, helpless because Aussies were persuaded some years ago to give up their guns by a contrived massacre that framed a mentally retarded patsy for a mass shooting he couldn’t possibly have committed to cover up a horrendous sacrifice of innocent people performed by a consortium of international intelligence agencies. Even sporadic observers of history know that sacrificing innocents for a demented geopolitical objective is anything but rare.

All across Canada today people are being coerced into taking a poison vaccine proven to kill and maim people without regard to the damage these irrelevant medical treatments for a disease that doesn’t really exist have already wreaked, even though the treatments themselves have been widely debunked by independent medical experts who are now being persecuted, marginalized and deprived of their responsible and prestigious positions.

Why does a mentally defective president strive so hard for total vaccine compliance with a mandate that is totally illegal? You should have figured it out by now. He and his crackhead son have been bribed to facilitate the end of America, and the metamorphosis of world society into a monolithic totalitarian state. The death toll in the United States already exceeds the COVID vaccine murder totals from the entire world world as Dr. Anthony Fauci's demented prescriptions — now all revealed as known poisons — have cost the lives of far more people than the contrived flu-like disease which was deliberately invented by very rich well known men who wish to enslave the world by controlling the brains of the population through electronic receiving mechanisms installed in the bloodstreams of humanity by faux vaccines.

The answer to this is yes and no. Corrupt white officials in America, Canada and Australia, bribed to the max, have definitely been complicit in these colossal mass murder plots, but the one overriding fact that the world has been inveigled to forget is the secretive entity that controls the world’s money supply, which would be the greedy [Type A ] Jews who have infected all countries of the world with their sanctimoniously pathological and homicidal xenophobia. Their abject control of money and media have convinced the world they are one of us when they are not. [Rick says- Type B Jews are just as much victims as the "goyim" or non-Jews.]

The fickle finger of fate points directly toward the pharmaceutical companies, which are all Type A Jewish enterprises, as well as the financial institutions, media giants and government structures, which are all thoroughly owned and have been for centuries by infamous Jewish families. This extends from the British royal family through the totally compromised U.S. political structure and media monolith, and to the longstanding ties between the governments of Russia, China and India to the Israeli cybermilitary machine. This is undeniably the single ethnic group engineering the destruction of the world’s population and reshaping it into a malleable, robotic squadron of slaves. [Rick says- I think there are Aliens from Saturn behind type A Jews].

NESTS FOR JEWS: London, DC and Vatican.
Jews killing off the populations of the world has been going on for 3,500 years, since proto Hebrews captured ancient Egypt with their trademark financial blackmail and swindling, ruled Phoenician traders fleecing the world for centuries, then nested in Venice, Holland and finally England, where they rule the world from their celebrated den of iniquity in [City of ] London, a perch from where they coordinate the world’s illicit criminal activities. [Rick says; City of London is an independent City State as are The Vatican and Washington D.C.]

At this point everyone in the world is under the threat of being forced to accept an inoculation [Rick says- it's not an innoculation, it's an injection of several things including nano-graphene-oxide that responds to 5G] that will sicken and kill them, as well as make them sterile, or suffer financial penalties that will make their lives impossible. [Rick says--- Masking destroyed my piano teaching and entertainment business from the initial 2 week lockdown in March 2020.] World society has already been critically injured by lockdowns that were never necessary.

There is no public redress from these impossibly unjust strictures because all the governments of the world, under the thumb of the Jewish [Rick says... and their non-Jewish FreeMasonic puppets] financial octopus, are complicit in this murderous population culling that seeks the replace the well educated electorate in the Western countries with uneducated refugees from Third World countries who will prove more docile and accepting of the new control mechanisms that are being inserted into humans through these vile injections of poison substances into the veins of both adults and children. What we are actually witnessing is the beginning of the last chapter of the existence of human beings on Earth. [Rick says-- Not if I can help it... simply turn off your cellphones and don't get vaxxed. Use hardwire internet only.]

What will follow this demonic exercise in human harakiri — a deliberate and merciless obliteration of the human population — will be a different kind of species. Instead of one that cherishes life, spontaneous joy and and individual creativity, the slaying of half of the world’s population by chemical means will have created a soulless, heartless beast species that will derive no pleasure from anything, but only remain conscious of its ability to maim itself in order to keep from destroying conditions for life on this planet. [Rick says- The vax destroys the God Gene known as Vmax gene or something like that.] Worse, this new species will be controlled by electronic impulses from without governing human behavior from within via metallic particles installed in our veins via vaccines. [Rick says-- actually it's nano-graphene-oxide, a superconductor. Regular graphene oxide has been revolutionizing materials since its discovery in 2003, 18 years now... how time flies!]

In doing so humans will create the very situation its radical population reduction policies originally aimed to avoid — which was a loss of spiritual human consciousness killed by an empirical rationalization that to murder most of the world’s population will make conditions tolerable for those who are allowed to remain alive. This is the quintessential logical fallacy, because to depend on the killing of others for the purpose of making life better for those who remain alive defeats its own purpose by casting the shadow of death over all things. It eventually leads to our ultimate extinction. What reason would there be to live if we have to kill most of our brothers and sisters just to survive? What would the goal of such a society actually be? Who gets to choose who lives and who dies? How can children be raised to love life if they have to kill others just to maintain a hypocritical self-indulgent fantasy? [Rick says... This is why Larouche must be re-read today. He shows how to increase energy density to increase population density in a fantastical future, not a dour one.]

We are about to find out, because this is exactly what is happening now, in your time and your place, when the people you have put in charge of your life have decided to kill you with lie after lie, poison after poison.You can accept that lie and die along with the other misled lemmings, or die like a real man or woman, fighting for the life you know is the greatest gift that anybody ever had. All of this has been made possible by your believing in things that you don’t understand, by trusting leaders who have lied to you for uncountable generations, and by living lives that have always been lies, trusting in a power that we always thought would be there but never was. By such self delusions are civilizations inevitably destroyed.

A half century ago I wrote that all life is a prayer. Prayer will not help you now. Prayers have always been meaningless without honorable action to back them up. All that is needed now is action, your action, to save what is left of a withering and deliberately raped civilization. To say that this is the most important advice ever given is the greatest understatement of all time. It is too late for many. Soon it will be too late for all. Only your immediate action can alter this destination. [Rick says- What action is that? Unless the action is guided by a trustworthy leader, we're finished. Survivalism might work for a few but it cannot maintain civilization. Larouche says write off the bad derivatives to stabilize money supply, tax the movement of speculative money just 1% which can fund everything, and create high density power. I would add that the use of perpetual motion jet turbine engines can provide power right now simply by harnessing unused jets. Rediculous? Not really when you find out that the idea of Jet Fuel is a HOAX.]

 John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.


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