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10/22/2021 9:21 pm  #1

RickPotvinOriginalReport---> My Chase branch closed- short staffed?

Rick says-- I wrote a review on yelp about this here...

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Branch Manager David is great-- but on Wed. Oct. 20, 2021 at noon, the doors were locked and a laser printed piece of paper on the glass said the branch was closed-- and that if you needed to talk to a banker, you could make an appointment. I talked to several of the people stopping by, during lunch hour, about how outrageous this was. I've used this branch since 2000... 20 years and this never happened. I was once fired once a long time ago for not opening a store on time. Once. I was late by 1 hr.

Two days later, I found them open again and speaking to David in a friendly manner, I pointed out that the sign he used did not say, as he explained without apology that they were short staffed. He said he must use the sign Chase give him. He simply obeys orders-- never mind the panic he caused among the lunch crowd that day. Typical.

Why short staffed? Everyone is short staffed? Why? Are they falling over due to the vax? Besides when I looked through the glass there was a guy in there. Why couldn't he open the door and explain in person?

I don't like this incident because when I looked up Chase online, they say they're closing thousands of branches. David told me that HIS branch is never going to close down. Well... so he says. Due to fake-covid-which-is-5G radiation illness + vax sideeffects-- even our banks with our money are signalling shutdowns-- staff shortages today-- what will it be tomorrow? Computer virus? We lost all your money? You can't get into your safe deposit box without an appoinment, 6 months from now?

This branch, David and all banks betetr wake up and smell the coffee... There IS NO PANDEMIC... it's a drill... like Pompeo whispered to Trump on an open mic. See my blog. rickpotvin63.boardhost.c…


10/22/2021 9:23 pm  #2

Re: RickPotvinOriginalReport---> My Chase branch closed- short staffed?

Rick says-- NOTE THAT the title of this blog refers to operation Cyber Polygon... which is INDEED the shut down of electronic communication including banks. The aliens in charge of this are going to stop at nothing... unless WE stop them. It can start with David and other branch managers taking measures to keep customers. Otherwise, I'll just move my dollars into silver-- ALL of them.

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