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1/24/2022 10:06 pm  #1

GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?


Re: FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 - Canadian Truckers are saying enough is enough January 23 2022
At times like this when I think this is just another distraction, nothing will come of it, something does come of it. Is this a false flag meant to start the planned supply chain shutdown? Will this be the reason or escuse to lock down the unvacinated and move on to the next stage. What will happen when no one meets or talks to the truckers. Will it happen behind closed doors? Skeptical.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 81864413

I'm afraid I agree. I read a lot online and did not see any discussion of this beforehand. Suddenly it was just happening. It seems too well organized and too well-participated-in to have been organically occurring. I'm reminded of the FALSE FLAG that resulted from TRUMP calling his followers to D.C. for Jan. 6, 2021... the entire Trump movement was discredited as an insurrection-- even though that was far from the truth. In this situation, Freedom Convoy appears and feels right but there's something wrong.

I've been watching vids and reading articles and blogs and forums on this convoy but nobody has explained or speculated on what they're going to do once they get to the park in Ottawa... if they even get that far.
Are these trucks and tractors not scheduled for current jobs? They must be! Are they simply walking off the job? Is it legally a "strike" in a sense. I don't see a spokesperson or lawyer speaking for them, en masse. I recall an article that said Trudeau suspended 23,000 truckers... I need to look back on that article... can't find it.

Another point- Certainly there is trucking internal to Canada where no vax is required. The vax mandate-- which is unconstitutional of course-- and which involves injections of crap that should not be in a healthy person-- is not for truckers internally driving in Canada, only for border crossers. Why not make an effort to separate the internal from the international drivers? Internal drivers should keep working. International drivers who don't want to vax could "hand off" their freight to a vaxxed driver at the border.

The motive behind the convoy protest is reasonable but methodology and plan are not... and this is beginning to look very dangerous-- and potentially hijackable by TPTB's....


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1/25/2022 6:16 am  #2

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?


FREEDOM CONVOY 2022 - Canadian Truckers are saying enough is enough January 23 2022Anti-mandate and free-choice to vax might be false oppo
The position that seems to be taken by the no-vax supporters is posted in a tweet by FreedomConvoy2022 & posted by ManifestDestiny above... that they are “NOT anti-vax” but rather “free choice”. Why is that. I personally am “anti-vax” and am attempting to warn “free-choicer’s” that they are taking a crap-shoot-poison in which so-called vaccines-- contain experimental mRNA with unknown long term effects as well as 5G reactive graphene oxide! This is about MORE than “free-choice”. The more bona-fide position is that even “free choicers” are not “choosing freely” when they are not “fully informed” as to the contents of the injections, falsely called “covid vaccines”. In this way, the FreedomConvoy2022 and all “free-choice” “anti-mandate” positons are “false opposition”! The real opposition is anti-vax/fully-informed/injection-junk-reality!

CTA should be more vocal & specific online and faces shown.
The Canadian Trucking Alliance should be looked at more carefully in terms of who is the spokesperson and who they represent. Maybe they can talk some sense into the “false opposition” of “free-choice” by pointing out the poisons in the so-called covid-shots by raising awareness of the research at orwell.city by Delgado showing hydra, and shape-shifting graphene oxide that looks for high electrical activity in the brain and heart. The CTA should also be able to point out that interior-Canada trucking does NOT require a covid-shot.... that only border crossers are under pressure now and that transfers can be made at borders so that supply chain breakdowns are not exacerbated.

FreedomConvoy2022: Who is your leader?
I ran across one boring video of a guy who claimed to have started this convoy but it was unwatchable for me at the time, a few days ago. I don’t recall the name. I have not explored home-pages associated with FreedomConvoy2022... but there should be a clear leader for this so that if the whole thing needs to be called off or other problems develop, there is a reference person who can effect a change in the dynamic here. Currently, it’s being made to appear ‘organic’ and ‘spontaneous’ with many videos showing ‘citizen support” of people waving from overpasses with signs. It’s beginning to seem to be, to me, all too convenient-- and the first poster here who pointed out a possibility of false flag might be onto something.

Politicians, Members of Parliament, Mayors, where are their comments?
I’m not paying total attention to all the publicity, news and videos about this event but I have done a fair amount of browsing-- and I have not seen officials, mayors, MP’s either federal or provincial, saying anything. Where are the quotes from Premiers of Provinces? Or anyone in power? There seems to be only silence from political ranks. Why is that? It’s a bit spooky to me. Why is no politically positioned person asking to speak with a leader of the convoy to call it off? Have they been told to stand down? Is this indeed leading to a more intense reaction by those in political power and government agencies-- like more restrictive lockdowns or military takeover?

Posted by ManifestDestiny earlier as a start
Current info, schedule, routes, maps, video links, live streams, link: [link to canada-unity.com (secure)]
One of the organizers : [link to www.facebook.com (secure)]
One of the groups:[link to www.facebook.com (secure)]

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1/25/2022 10:00 pm  #3

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Trudeau shutting off supply of gas to gas stations... of course! Why didn't I think of that?

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1/26/2022 7:00 am  #4

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says- After reading that Trudeau will shut off Sunoco gas supply trucks yesterday, a real forehead slapper, I reminded myself that several days ago, I thought the federal govn't would simply put up a road block or pull the convoy over for some breach of traffic law. This entire thing is doomed I believe. Then I saw where the GoFundMe funds were being witheld until a business plan was developed.

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1/26/2022 8:27 am  #5

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says-- I just ran across another article about Biden and rising gasoline prices-- which can be applied to the convoy!! The price of fuel to run that convoy has to be astonomical. Again, the GoFUndMe account was restricted-- and there are only so many truck stops and gas stations along the way-- yet no video showing refueling. I do not think they'll make it to Ottawa now. The entire thing appears more and more like its staged because police are standing down, military standing down...etc. There's no way OPP in Ontario would permit this... if things were operating normally. All politicians have been told to stand down otherwise I'd be reading more on that. Trudeau himself would come out and stop it peacefully... There should have been another way to flex muscle against vax mandates for truckers-- most obviously by telling the truth about what's in them-- according to Orwell.city.

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1/26/2022 8:14 pm  #6

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says-- here's an example of real time report coming into Thunder bay. I think they should stop and go back because I'm now of the belief that this is TOO well organized-- leading to a false flag. In the following video's comments, I'm asking what's happening to the deliveries these trucks were supposed to be making? ... and what percent of trucks are going to Ottawa? ...

There's no information being given out by the narrator. It's more like a parade report. There is no gas-stop. No reference to Trudeau shutting off gas stations. No reference to possible road blocks. Why are the OPP not stopping this? This could be stopped in an instant. It reminds me of how Trumps people were escorted into the Congress building... by the DC police!!! The OPP are standing down. Narrator says "OPP have been outstanding"... Why would that be? NO MENTION OF being against the VAX MANDATE for TRUCKERS driving across to US and back.

NS/NB BORDER VIDEO SHOWS DOUG FORD ONTARIO PREMIER saying truckers can stop economy.
Rick says-- I don't like Doug Ford and I stand for freedom from vax mandates... but even a broken clock can be right twice a day--- and here Ford is right... Truckers going to Ottawa instead of maintaining their posts... will lead to shortages. I note Global News is attempting to minimize the effect of the convoy-- on supply chains.... but how can it not be a negative impact?


SuperSide, 2 hours ago
If he or any of his government buddies missed work not one person would notice; when these trucks miss work, everyone noticed, just go to your grocery store.

rickaz64-- Great point-- when these trucks miss work, we'll notice. So what jobs are these trucks missing to take this trip? I like the idea and motive here but I fear there is something else going on-- a possible false flag in the works-- a possible severe supply chain shortage blaimed on these truckers. What if Trudeau orders all trucks in Ottawa be seized and drivers thrown in prison under War Measures Act-- something his pretend father Pierre said "just watch me" to when asked? I have come up with alternatives to this event that make more sense... at my blog.

rakerlev, 3 hours ago
Is it just me or doesn't anyone see this? He actually sounds very nervous.
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    •    rickaz64, just now Yeah, now that you mention it, I note it too. I've been in sales for years and pay attention to body language. I'll watch this again for nervous signals that I can label.
    •    rickaz64 "Protecting our rights and freedoms as a country" would include NOT issuing mandates to truckers crossing in and out of Canada to shoot up some unknown toxic injection with graphene oxide, mRNA and hydra, preserved at minus 90 degrees F.
    •    The minority of Canadians who are openly protesting being mandated to be injected with toxins are not the ones holding unacceptable views. It's the OPPOSITE. It's Trudeau who is holding the "unacceptable views".
    •    rickaz64 The "Candians who have been there for each other" can be seen on overpasses and sides of freeways and highways across Canada... cheering the truckers on. Apparently Trudeau doesn't watch Rumble videos.

CanofSorn, 1 hour ago
You know Canada that Trudeau is under the thumb of Klaus Schwab, the great reset mastermind. Trudeau does not give one shit about any Canadian. You wait, Trudeau with have the national guard stationed in Ottawa to prevent the Truckers from getting anywhere near the city. I hope the Truckers are heavily armed to protect themselves. Trudeau will have guard firing on the first truck passing his blockade.
You're right... Schwab ran a "world leadership" program for multitudes of people willing to go-- can't recall the exact name of the program-- but Turdo was a participant I've read. He's a Schwab synchopant.

I think you're correct about National Guard stopping entry to Ottawa. I think the motives of the convoy are good but this is the wrong way to do it. The whole thing is potentially like Trump's Jan 6 and truckers will end up being labelled terrorists along with all supporters... Worse yet, Trudeau would seize the trucks, jail the drivers and thus intentionally exacerbate the supply chain crisis and blame the truckers. Truckers should stop now. Their passage thus far has been too easy. OPP should have stopped them already... they're not carrying a parade license.

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1/26/2022 9:58 pm  #7

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?


Chickadeerose1 replied to your comment on "Freedom Convoy 2022 rolling into Thunder Bay Ontario, resting for the night".Jan 26 at 6:30 PM https://rumble.com/vtcw4v-freedom-convoy-2022-rolling-into-thunder-bay-ontario-resting-for-the-night.html

This is a "Strike", Many of these truckers have been fired or let go. 38,000 were fired by trudstool. The Turd wants to starve compliance out of Canadians. Instead the truckers decided to make a stand. Yes, supplies, groceries, and other deliveries are going to be in short supply for a while. Hope you are stocked up. Instead of Canadians seeing this as an inconvenience, they are standing in support for FREEDOM that the governments want to take away from us. Be ye for it or be ye against it. It is happening, and quite successfully, I believe.".
rickaz64, just now
It does not seem possible that a sitting PM can "fire" truckers in private companies any more than he can fire anyone in any company. He's not the boss of trucking companies. There are separation of powers. That story doesn't sound right to me. I'm fearing a false flag, a set-up, like they did to Trump on Jan 6.

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1/26/2022 10:21 pm  #8

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

LASKOWSKI OF CTA Cdn Truckers ASs. says the vax reg is not changing.
Canadian Trucking Alliance Statement to Those Engaged in Road/Border Protests

Saturday January 22, 2022 | Border & Customs, COVID-19, Labour/HR/Driver Shortage, News Releases, Operations & Safety

The vast majority of the Canadian trucking industry is vaccinated with the overall industry vaccination rate among truck drivers closely mirroring that of the general public. Accordingly, most of our nation’s hard-working truck drivers are continuing to move cross-border and domestic freight to ensure our economy continues to function.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) does not support and strongly disapproves of any protests on public roadways, highways, and bridges. CTA believes such actions – especially those that interfere with public safety – are not how disagreements with government policies should be expressed. Members of the trucking industry who want to publicly express displeasure over government policies can choose to hold an organized, lawful event on Parliament Hill or contact their local MP. What is not acceptable is disrupting the motoring public on highways and commerce at the border.

“The Government of Canada and the United States have now made being vaccinated a requirement to cross the border. This regulation is not changing so, as an industry, we must adapt and comply with this mandate,” said CTA president Stephen Laskowski. “The only way to cross the border, in a commercial truck or any other vehicle, is to get vaccinated.”

Laskowski of CTA is diametrically wrong. As an industry, truckers must NOT adapt and must NOT comply with the poisonous big pharma graphene oxide poison injections. 

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1/27/2022 6:13 pm  #9

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says-- It's a trap!


Rick says-- Canada used to have the BANK OF CANADA issuing it's own currency before 1967 I think... somewhere around there... but then they took loans from the International banks. That's how the NWO takes countries down... inflict DEBT on them... whereas the original BANK OF CANADA issued SOVEREIGN CREDIT. Now...,due to trade imbalances... Canada IMPORTING goods from slave-labour Chinese... China accumulated Canada dollars... and is being repaid in Canadian properties... which is not acceptable-- according to the 600 year old tradition of sovereign nation states based on Westphalian Treaty... see Larouche for more on that. Larouche org has sold out to the Chinese... now split into two... non-Chinese and sovereign .

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1/27/2022 6:55 pm  #10

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

RICK SAYS- from earlier in this thread
Saturday January 22, 2022 | Border & Customs, COVID-19, Labour/HR/Driver Shortage, News Releases, Operations & Safety
The vast majority of the Canadian trucking industry is vaccinated with the overall industry vaccination rate among truck drivers closely mirroring that of the general public. Accordingly, most of our nation’s hard-working truck drivers are continuing to move cross-border and domestic freight to ensure our economy continues to function.

Rick says-- That's good and the REASON why "most" of the truckers are continuing to move freight is because the TOXIC-VAX was distributed UNEVENLY through populations. In effect, it's a CRAPSHOOT... or like RUSSIAN ROULETTE... many of the jabs are harmless SALINE SOLUTIONS... as top politicos and corporates get... but you NEVER KNOW what you're getting. StateOfTheNation.com has articles showing how the distribution of TOXIC graphene oxide laced and hydra laced injections is all over the place. Many of the truckers LIKELY got SALINE being so-called ESSENTIAL workers...


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1/28/2022 6:49 am  #11

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

MY GLP post  objection to convoy

Re: Ottawa trruckers have to stop now!They are truckers!Stick to your jobs, not politics! Quoting: Anonymous Coward 78476431

OP makes a good point because there is the possibility that the entire convoy program is a false flag-- in other words-- created by the enemy of freedom-- not the promoters of freedom. Even though it all sounds good, truckers rolling into Ottawa can easily be stopped with a roadblock, their trucks seized by the federal government and drivers arrested if Trudeau declares a War Measures Act like his fake-father did in 1972 when the Pierre Laport incident occurred. At that time Pierre Trudeau was asked if he would do so and he responded "Just watch me". I expand on my objection to the convoy at my blog here... [link to rickpotvin63.boardhost.com (secure)]

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1/28/2022 7:21 am  #12

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?



rickaz64, 1 day ago
This entire thing might be a frame-up... by deep state like Jan 6 was to Trump. My further comments on paradoxes involved in this operation. https://rickpotvin63.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=1067

SincereCanadian, 8 hours ago
They always say remain calm, respectful and knowledgeable so as to engage , share and unite. It’s only day 4 and look at the positive energy building. Trudeaus former body guard will be speaking 🇨🇦

rickaz64, just now
The deep state works its evil by infiltrating the "calm, respectful" group with a false-flag actor or actors who perpetrate violence in the name of the "calm respectful" group. We all need to learn how psyops or psychological operations work. My bet is that this entire thing will be subverted and effect a blowback that is unpredictable. Our we-the-people-truckers would have been better off to work out an exchange-your-driver program at the border for the 30% or so - of them not vaxxed. The protest of that form would have been muted but not easily hijacked.... which is what this open protest is likely going to be.

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1/28/2022 7:30 am  #13

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?


A post submitted by CGI's empyyrean:
Hello readers,

        The Canada trucker convoy is quite obviously a military operation. If you have eyes, one can see that the way it was organized and how the momentum is building so fast and as if by design. One can see the key momentum factor and why other countries are following suit, "If Canadians of all people, being considered #1 in the world for "Most Docile" can do it, as well as make it look easy, so can the rest of the world".

        One can see the blast wall around Canadian parliament has been there since march of 2021, the white house got its blast wall late 2021 for the reason that Parliament is a lot bigger, also there is lots of gold, diamonds and stuff in there that would need to be removed.

One can see the military trucks and equipment amongst the convoy. One can see the extreme lack of resistance from RCMP and other "police" forces, as if they are being told to stand down by some brass. One can see that if the "Police" really wanted to stop the convoy they could of, all the resistance attempts were for show.

        One can see the American convoy to assist is another military move, plus ones from Quebec and east, looks like a good ol fashion surround and pound, Violence should not be needed as it was over before this began. One can see there are obviously embedded units disguised as Civilians, being impeccable in their actions, bravo, good job. One can see that Parliament/Ottawa is an independent city state, like the City of London, or the Vatican.

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1/28/2022 7:37 am  #14

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Biden Orders Vaccines For All Truckers Entering United States
Posted By: Lymerick
Date: Thursday, 27-Jan-2022 19:22:22

        This will go over like a lead balloon and certainly will "help" the supply chain problems - but then, that's what Obiden wants!

        (RoyalPatriot.com )- President Joe Biden is about to make an already terrible supply chain situation worse, having just required all non-American citizens to show proof of vaccination status to enter the United States at land borders.

        The insane idea would prevent unvaccinated Mexican and Canadian truck drivers from entering the United States, and according to logistics expert Ross Kennedy, it could result in a loss of 130,000 loads of cargo per month.

        The Department of Homeland Security announced the new policy on January 22, stating that all non-U.S. individuals entering via land ports of entry or ferry terminates across Northern and Southern borders must be fully vaccinated – which includes receiving the third booster shot.

Rick says-- I never did like the idea of Department of Homeland Security-- now they've proven without a doubt that they're interested in destroying the USA.


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1/28/2022 9:26 pm  #15

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

rickaz64, just nowI think i'm seeing intel shills interviewed here. One person said "I'm not an anti-vaxxer, but a pro-choicer". That idea is being repeated by many, if not all, others. Where are the anti-vaxxers like me who read orwell,city where we see research proving graphene oxide in the covid-shots-- that reacts with 5G? More on my warning that this could be a false flag here... https://rickpotvin63.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=1067


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1/28/2022 9:56 pm  #16

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

rickaz64, 6 hours ago
Dan Bongino, are you saying this woman is an organizer of the convoy? What's her name? Is there convoy organization? My view is that this is potentially a trap for drivers who may enounter a Jan. 6 event once they get to Ottawa... a false flag that discredit them. Drivers might be jailed. Trudeau could declare martial law... via the War Measures Act that his so-called father used in 1971 against the kidnappers of Pierre Laporte. More of my thoughts on this... and why the convoy should stop and turn around and go home. There is an alternative way to avoid the vax mandate-- exchange drivers and trucks at the border for now. https://rickpotvin63.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=1067

DAWM1958, 5 hours ago
Our Corrupt Government and Main Media has been censoring and blocking all who are involved in this Peaceful demonstration. I sure would like them to arrest over 58,000 Trucks and 1.5 Million people showing up in Ottawa.

Ti2SSOcr, 3 hours ago
If so happened, the strength is in the huge bulk numbers!. The best to all enduring this situation there in Canada now.

rickaz64, 2 hours ago
Canadian military vehicles could surround the trucks and soldiers could easily overtake the parked convoy which has now been studied by military... because the convoy itself is similar to a military operation. The numbers are are trivial to military forces. The convoy itself could easily have embedded intel since "anyone can join in". I'm calling it now: This is not what it seems-- here's a quote from another source... quote One can see the military trucks and equipment amongst the convoy. One can see the extreme lack of resistance from RCMP and other "police" forces, as if they are being told to stand down by some brass. One can see that if the "Police" really wanted to stop the convoy they could of, all the resistance attempts were for show. unquote

Remitta, 3 hours ago
You are missing the point, this isn’t just about not being able to cross the border, it’s about your Freedom to make your own decisions for you and your families about your lives. Government must back down, we cannot comply!

rickaz64, 1 hour ago
What website is the "thought leader" in this operation? I was under the impression that this was about reversing the vax-mandate.... period. To expand the purpose to wider concerns is to lose focus on the original goal-- simply reverse the cross-border vax mandate. I'm all for the spirit of the convoy but I'm afraid we're walking into a trap. What is the convo

cagreen, 1 hour ago
rickaz64, 21 minutes ago
cagreen says it's about freedom but I would differ because this started as a revolt against vax mandates for cross-border truckers... stay with me now... how do the truckers know they've won back "freedom"-- they can't. It's too big a concept. ... how do we know truckers know they've won back trucking without vaxxing... very easy to know that- -cancel the vax mandate for cross border truckers. Glen Beck here on US radio just said there's a roadblock... stay tuned.

Herbster451, 11 seconds ago
You are sure adding a lot of negative statements to your intrusive questions! You come across as an enemy plant asking who is the leader and telling people to turn around, etc. Why do you need names and stuff that is really none of your damn business

MyBrainMyChoice, 13 minutes ago
Are the jails large enough to hold all those involved in this protest. I would bet even some in the military are in support of this. There are so many cameras rolling and Canadians are watching for the Antifa violence starters.

rickaz64, just now
To watch for Antifa is like fighting the last war. The new war has new tactics. I've read where there are trouble makers already embedded in the trucker convoy, which makes sense if deep state intel has the moxy we think. This thing can go bad very easily now. The stand down of the military and police is too obvious. If I ran a convoy of muscle cars, for example, in the same way the convoy is being run, provincial police would stop me. Certainly in Ontario where I'm from, O.P.P would stop us. The convoy was not challanged at any point by ANY provincial highway traffic cops from BC to Ont... which is very very very odd. There's something wrong about this entire thing

rickaz64, just now
As far as jails-- let's say there are what? .. 50,000 trucks? that's according to some reports... but it's likely less.... say 5,000 trucks... an incarceration "camp" of 5,000 should be no problem given the recent news of holding facilities for the unvaxxed. Chinese money has infiltrated Canada apparently so here's where Chinese concentration camps will come into play. You pro-convoy people--- whose intentions I agree with and are good-- are not looking at the downside of this... but I think you'll get an education in Chinese communist clampdowns. It may be that China owns Canada outright at this time. A lot of things in life turn out worse than I thought. Like car repair or wives.


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1/29/2022 8:43 am  #17

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

MeSue58, 1 hour ago
50,000 fringe eh Commie Trudeau?

1 rumble
    •    rickaz64, just now Can't be 50,000 trucks. Interviewer above said 100 miles long... and 2 hours to roll through town-- obviously at speed limit or less. If there are 5 trucks per mile, that's 500 trucks. To have 50,000 trucks in 100 miles, you'd have 500 trucks per mile... impossible. I have not surfed all the video but the numbers cited don't stack up. I'm anti-vax and anti-mandate and appreciate the motives of the convoy but I think they're being set-up and manipulated by deep state for a fall like Trump's supporters on Jan. 6. I think we could have created a cross-border anti-vax trucker truck-driver transfer system to get around vaxxing the anti-vax truckers... to keep goods moving to demonstrate. As well, pro-freedom truckers can point out the ton of evidence of bad side effects of many covid-vax-lots being distributed and ingredients-- unknown and toxic-- all revealed on orwell.city. Intel term for Freedom Convoy in this context is "limited hangout". We don't know what intel or military is embedded in the convoy since everyone was invited. https://rickpotvin63.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=1067


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1/30/2022 9:57 pm  #18

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?


Posted By: NaturalWisdom Date: Sunday, 30-Jan-2022 20:24:06 www.rumormill.news/192147

Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist
I had a quickly produced and very good report on the other machine and they blocked it. For some reason despite the same errors, I got through with the machine I am using for the American based server. I wanted to keep all that separate but this is an emergency, HEADS UP OTTAWA, THERE IS A GOVERNMENT SPONSORED BLACK OP UNDERWAY THAT STARTED RIGHT BEFORE SUNSET GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT THEY WILL DO, BUT THEY WERE DRESSED JUST LIKE THE AGENTS WHO DID THE BOSTON BOMBING, AND THERE ARE TONS OF THEM.
Commies will often back off when exposed before doing their dirty deed, hopefully this helps, POST POST AND REPOST. All the details are on the other machine but there's simply no time for doing this twice. HEADS UP!!!!

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1/31/2022 7:39 pm  #19

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?



        January 31, 2022
        The Rockefeller “rules-based world order” circles the drain of history
        By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports 32 Comments

        Payback is a bitch. The Rockefeller clan, the greatest mass murderers in human history, are finally facing justice. Mass demonstrations across occupied Europe and now action by truckers in North America is a sign their satanic rule is collapsing.


        Today is January 31st, a payment deadline the Rockefellers have to make. All signs indicate their check has bounced. They now have until February 18th to come up with the money or be bankrupted.

        What money are we talking about? The Rockefeller proxy fake Biden regime ran up a record $1.08 trillion trade deficit in 2021 and added more than $2 trillion to US federal debt to bring the total to $30 trillion. That means they need to come up with $3 trillion or their entire fake regime collapses.

        Remember, their clan, -headed by the fugitive criminal David Rockefeller Jr,- control what they call the “rules based world order.” Whose rules? Their rules. Their servants run the UN, the World Bank, NATO, the Fortune 500 companies etc. Remember the heads of these organizations were appointed, not elected. So, when the Rockefellers are bankrupted, it will mean all of these power centers will revert to the control of the people.

        Even if they manage to get their Chinese Communist Party servants to hand over the Chinese people’s money; that still will not save them. That is because the Chinese Communist Party, reeling under $118 trillion of debt, worth 833% of their GDP, is also bankrupt.

        Even if they use fiat money and fake accounting to pretend they are still solvent, that will not help because they are being hunted. The Rockefellers murdered the Tsar of Russia and his family after he refused to grant them oil concessions. The Khazarian mafia then started a reign of terror that killed over 50 million Russians. Russian patriots are now getting their justice and have begun systematically hunting down the entire extended Rockefeller clan and their servants, according to FSB sources.

        Speaking about servants, let us talk about their fascist/communist servant Justin Castro of Canada. Thanks to the patriotic truckers who descended on Ottawa, he is the first Prime Minister in Canadian history to run into hiding from his own people.

        This is a message to David McGuinty, who I went to high school with and who heads Canada’s secret services: “If you do not want to face a Nuremberg-style tribunal for war crimes, then you need to grow a pair and arrest Castro.” Just like Adolf Hitler, Castro only got 33% of the popular vote and yet he is using that to try to turn Canada into a fascist dictatorship. The Canadian military did not win at Vimy ridge just to see Canada taken over by a brother murdering fascist foreign agent. Here is my advice to the Canadian military: take Castro up on his bluff and “follow the science.” Send military police into hospitals around the country and check facts with front-line doctors. You will find Castro and his fellow fascist/communist agents have been using a renamed common cold (which is a coronavirus) to destroy democracy in Canada and vaccinate Canadians with dangerous substances. You can start your fact-checking here:

        “Military Vax Data Rocks DC: Catastrophic Injury Toll Exposed At Sen. Johnson Hearing”


        Remember, Canadians who support vaccinations do so only because the controlled media has told them lies about the so-called pandemic. Also, ask yourselves why your top generals were removed based on lies and innuendos, and replaced with puppets. Do not trust anyone who has not personally seen combat. Whatever you do, refuse to take action against your fellow patriot truckers and farmers now fighting to liberate Canada. Here is a message from one of the protesters in Ottawa: “Canada just woke the fuck up!!” Long live free Canada.

        OK, now let us look at how Khazarian mafia rule is collapsing around the world.

        The first thing we notice is that truckers around the world are now emulating Canada and preparing to stop economic activity until the Khazarian criminal puppet regimes are removed.


        There are also huge, demonstrations going on all over Europe. Here is just one example from Belgium where a million-person protest is being held in a country of 11 million people.


        The scale of the protests means many former top members of the Khazarian mafia are now surrendering and agreeing to a peace and reconciliation process. For example, Nathaniel Rothschild contacted us again to say...

        ~~~~~ END OF PREVIEW ~~~~~


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1/31/2022 7:41 pm  #20

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Trudeau is an accessory to murder and is therefore on the run.

Boris Johnson ended mandates, restrictions, vaxxes. overnight because criminal charges are being filed with local police departments... accessory to murder.

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2/01/2022 7:50 am  #21

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?


Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Monday, 31-Jan-2022 20:26:06

        : NaturalWisdom -- Sunday, 30-Jan-2022 20:24:06

        Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist



        Police dressed exactly like the goons in Ottawa were in London Ontario with about 200 pounds of class 4 explosives in a hotel there, most likely to assemble devices that would be used in an Ottawa psy op. Any doubts? What else would they have a bunch of class 4 explosives for, RIGHT NOW? Riddle me that!!! They may have also assembled explosive devices elsewhere, but London Ontario is a guarantee. London is far enough away to "avoid suspicion" and close enough to "get it there".

        The type of explosive they plan on using will make a LOT of noise (way more than other more powerful explosives) while they do little damage. They want to make a show, and 200 pounds of class 4 explosives would definitely accomplish a "show"


        Your browser does not support the video tag.

        There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that ANY action by police could justify having this explosive material, especially that much, other than a false flag.

        They probably decided on class 4 because it would be easier to get than other types, while it makes VERY loud booms and does little damage. The higher class explosives are not as loud because their shock wave moves so fast the air can't catch up. If you want to give air a big audible push, class 4 is what you use.

        THIS IS JUST SO PERFECT. I was nervous about my post about them "blowing the place up" because that's a great way to look stupid if it does not pan out. My tip-off had better be right when I post like that. But it DID pan out, they really freaking ARE going to set off explosives but it will ALL. BE. HOLLYWOOD.


        THEY ARE BADLY BUSTED, BAAAAAADLY. GUY SAID "SECOND AMENDMENT" so you know he's an American and he was nervous, he should have said first which would not apply in Canada anyway, but whatever, HE BUSTED THEM COLD AS A CUCUMBER. . . LOVIN IT!!!!


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2/02/2022 11:27 am  #22

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says-- When I posted questions asking "who is behind the convoy", on Rumble videos, I got surprisingly nasty feedback... but I DID find out, generally, some things consistent with the following SOTN report.... and of course, I can now confirm that the convoy is a NWO operation after all. It always DID seem too strange that this arose "organically" so quickly.. and WITHOUT any freemasonic-society-provincial police STOPPING it with a simple roadblock. Nope... they LET it happen because they WANTED it to happen because it's PART of their overall PLAN. I KNEW it.


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2/02/2022 12:18 pm  #23

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick asks - how many truckers in the convoy? My answer 5,000... with total of 50,000 trucks in Canada as a whole. The convoy was perped by Soros so is a head-fake-- and will be used by Deep State to discredit anti-mandaters and anti-vaxxers. My position is that anti-mandaters OUGHT to be anti-vaxxers. See my post at GLP

I'll add here that I don't agree with the Alberta border trucker roadblock-- in effect, anti mandate truckers stopping vaxxed drivers from crossing. I don't even agree that truckers ought to have been allowed to cross Canada without a road block. I agree with the sentiment but the tactic has led to snarls downtown Ottawa... making life worse. There should have been cross-border driver/load exchanges by willing drivers... and of course... all mandates and vax in Canada should be lifted like Boris Johnson did in UK 2 weeks ago now-- and the reason he did that is, apparently, lawsuits against lower officials for "accessory to murder". We can do the same here: Charge any low level enabler and high level too including Turdo, with "accessory to murder".  See Orwell.city proving covid vax loaded with graphene oxide.

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2/02/2022 4:00 pm  #24

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says - Here's the Wikipedia entry-- with all due concern about Wikipedia, another issue-- it's still a point of reference with a lot of factoids that I can re-assemble into a tighter and more truthful article.... but it does explain how the goalposts of the convoy changed, which is my main concern today.


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2/02/2022 4:43 pm  #25

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says-- The organizer of the convoy, Patrick King, has expanded the purpose of the convoy to dangerous areas, on purpose, I believe-- which will lead to discrediting the entire anti-mandate movement just as the entire Trump movement was discredited by Deep State and police stand-downs on Jan 6.... The true anti-mandate people should be anti-vax too and no convoy needed-- other than an online convoy of truth about so-called covid-vaccine... and here are 1000 peer reviewed studies to show that... a convoy of 1000 peer reviewed studies if-you-will...


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2/03/2022 6:31 pm  #26

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says -- the Wikipedia entry is very useful.. Here's a little bit of it...Freedom Convoy 2022 (French: Convoi de la Liberté) is an ongoing protest conducted by truck drivers in Canada against COVID-19 vaccine requirements to re-enter the country by land introduced by the Government of Canada on January 15, 2022. Composed of several routes traversing all of the Canadian provinces, the truck convoys converged on Ottawa on January 29, 2022, with a rally at Parliament Hill.[8] The protest continued into February.[9][10][11] The demonstration developed to include the "repeal of all public health measures", expressed a number of "antigovernment grievances", particularly against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and called for "the overthrow of the federal government."Both Canada and the United States accommodated unvaccinated cross-border truckers with an exemption from the new COVID-19 regulations implemented by both countries in the fall of 2021, to prevent supply chain disruptions. The exemptions for Canadian truckers ended on January 15, 2022, and the United States Department of Homeland Security exemption ended a week later on January 22, 2022. The Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) estimates that 85% of the 120,000 Canadian truck drivers are already vaccinated against COVID-19,[12] and that these mandates would potentially impact 26,000 of the 160,000 drivers in both the United States and Canada who regularly cross the border.[url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_Convoy_2022#cite_note-13][13]


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2/03/2022 7:06 pm  #27

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says-- Patrick Wood at Technocracy.news found a nice little article that tidily expresses the overall situation... although I would quibble on a number of aspects of it... it still offers insight.


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2/04/2022 7:14 pm  #28

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Rick says- I'm anti-vax and anti-mandate-- and was able to see that covid was a hoax from the beginning. I would say that the convoy is a set-up to discredit anti-mandaters. They're going to be set-up like Trumps people were set-up on Jan 6 2021. If I were a trucker duped into the convoy, I would get out now.


"Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly speaks with reporters about efforts to ensure the safety of downtown residents as the trucker protest against COVID-19 vaccine mandates enters its eighth day. He announces a 'surge and contain' strategy to help stop unlawful acts. The new measures include deploying 150 additional officers to affected neighbourhoods, barricading the protest red zone, and blocking off vehicle access to the downtown core. The city expects that over 300 trucks, 2,000 people and nearly 1,000 counter-protesters will attempt to enter the downtown core over February 5 and 6. Chief Sloly is joined by Steve Bell, deputy chief of police, and Trish Ferguson, acting deputy chief."
Quoting: ElleMira

User ID: 80843362
I saw a video on t showing a whole bunch of cops getting out of lots of minivans with supplies. The idea is that there might be some kind of false flag happening tomorrow.’’

User ID: 81050520
So people's lives are in danger because of freedom loving citizens, NOT because of satanic, communist and tyrranical governments/politicians who force false flag bioweapons, unnecessary injections disguised as immunizations, lockdowns, and masks on innocent people?WOW.Well we now have confirmation as to where these neo brownshirts stand.

User ID: 81596646
The Police Chief's numbers are waaaaaaay off. Once again, underestimating the attendance of trucks and foot traffic. I heard it will be at least a million on Saturday. He said 400 trucks. YEAH RIGHT. He said 1000 COUNTER PROTESTERS. WHO counter-protests and what are they protesting for? A N T I F A. I feel shit is going to go down tonight. I feel that they do not want the real numbers on Ottawa tomorrow, so they will keep people away by making a spectacle tonight.

User ID: 81574005
In poker terms this situationFirst Trudeau BETS on mandates Then the Truckers RAISE Trudeau with a blockade.Trudeau decides to RE-RAISE the Truckers by blocking food & fuel.

Quoting: DoomScrollin
Truckers are the ones who deliver the food.

User ID: 81954073
Well they sure managed to get everybody's attention.What I get is that the truckers are not allowed to block roads - so the cops are going to do that for them. lolsign
Good luck wid all dat.

User ID: 80978765
so they are just going to ignore the purpose for the rally and blame them truckers for disrupting peoples livelihoods.

User ID: 80978765
"Arrest anyone helping or enabling a protester in any way"?So if you gave a sandwich to a demonstrator you're fucked

1 The mood has changed in Ottawa - Police crackdown has begun.
4 Police Chief Considering Military Option to End Ottawa Trucker Prote

PIANOMAN Blog where I include spammer's detection of possible C4 noise maker explosions to be used.
[link to rickpotvin63.boardhost.com (secure)]

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2/04/2022 7:42 pm  #29

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

rickaz64, just now
I'm anti-vax, anti-mask, and anti-mandate.... I want normal. I think the convoy has been a false-opposition from the start, organizers involved with Alberta separatiests like Pat King. Pat King makes good points about the virus being fake but the convoy was a bad idea. The local police could have stopped the convoy with a simple roadblock before it rolled into town. The premieres, provincial police and RCMP "let it happen" for a reason. I would argue, from a philosophical point of view, that "illegally parking trucks" is not a "peaceful protest" and it's part of a larger plot to create more supply chain problems. The percentage of trucks in Ottawa number 4,000, not 50,000... see with wikipedia entry. The City Of Ottawa is not Canada's government. The City of Ottawa is a million people... and can't possibl respond to the convoy's demands.

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2/04/2022 8:55 pm  #30

Re: GLP ---> Is the Canada antivax convoy leading to a false flag?

Ottawa trucker convoy rally--- fantastic speech.. right on but...

rickaz64, just now
Thanks for posting that. It reminds me of the Trump Rally on Jan 6 when minutes afterwards, the deep state subverted the rally and forever deemed it an insurrection. Similarly, the positive thinking freedom loving crowd here... who are all correct and which speech is fantastic... but doesn't go far enough into the vax as poison with graphene oxide reacctive with 5G... the crowd here will, I think, very shortly be short circuited. Jim Stone has an angle that should be heard at the bottom of my blog entry here. https://rickpotvin63.boardhost.com/viewtopic.php?id=1067

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