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2/20/2021 10:10 am  #1

Rick Potvin---> Guitar Center's mask, temp taking and distancing

I'm in the process, let's say, of challenging Guitar Center on their LOCKSTEP CDC policies for teaching... and I continue piano teaching WITHOUT GC's CDC silly restrictions. I note that in the news lately are indications that "infections have dropped significantly" but of course that's not going to change any of the non-contactable higher ups at GC-- a corporation that decided early on to go ROCKEFELLER LOCKSTEP with CDC on the insanity.

Rick says-- I like the Patrick M Woods has put his Technocracy.info site together-- and the podcasts are great though seeminly discontinued... I published a comment in response to an article here...

I wish more comments were there but this comment showed up in a Yahoo search.


3/01/2021 6:54 pm  #2

Re: Rick Potvin---> Guitar Center's mask, temp taking and distancing

I wrote a GC online corporate contact email address that responded  with a request for more on what I wanted to talk to GC legal dept about and I emailed my normal polite screed against masks... didn't hear back after a week... remailed a.. still no further response. Now what?


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4/07/2021 7:57 pm  #3

Re: Rick Potvin---> Guitar Center's mask, temp taking and distancing

A good indicator of the effect of my work are the number of views. This GC thread has a higher number so it's getting read.

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