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3/06/2021 10:32 am  #1

Rick Potvin--> 25 years from 64 to 89 not like 20 to 45.

by Rick Potvin

As I consider the oncoming ice age and the potential to survive only in the equatorial regions, it appears to me, today, that I might not be able to make the transition personally. The period of life from 20 to 45, for example, is more energetic and care-free than that of 64 to 89... and I'm more likely to hunker down in Arizona or in the mountains in an underground cave in the White Mountains north and east of Phoenix. It appears that Camp Verde is a location ideally suited-- and it's where I think some cryonicists have hunkered down.

The people who are already in the equatorial regions likely have the best chance of surviving the ice sheets that will be miles thick by 2046-- north and south of the 15th parallel. This fact might explain India's high population... it survived that last nova/ice-age 12,000 years ago.

I'm still not able to understand how to integrate the flat earth ideas of godgevlamste into the overall picture of reality I'm developing. He's pointing to current rocketships going to and fro from an outlander-superEarth territory designed like Disneyland... which actually has merit. The entrance is through Antarctica, like Commander Byrd pointed to. All of Antarctica is off-limits legally for most of mankind.

MRE's only last 20 to 30 years but freeze dried foods last longer.



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