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9/30/2021 4:37 pm  #1

RickPotvinOriginalReport---> ThermalGraph/oximeter proof vax kills

RickPotvinOriginalReport---> ThermalGraph/oximeter proof vax kills
Rick says- I get regular sales flyers about the benefits of Nitric Oxide. The flyers have great illustrations including before and after WHOLE BODY THERMOGRAPHS that show increased circulation after taking an NO (NitricOxide) formula. The same type of THERMOGRAPH could be taken before and after the vax shots in a study to demonstrate how MICROCIRCULATION is impeded with "the shot". I'll see if I can find anyone online doing this research already although it has not surfaced in my routine reading. Similarly, we could do before and after OXIMETER readings with a simple drug-store bought oximeter. This could even be done right there at the pharmacy. Decrease oxygen level and decreased circulation SHOULD convince people worldwide to CEASE and DESIST from all covid-shots... immediately. Of course, even if my idea works to demonstrate what I say, it won't stop the insanity. NOTHING stops the current insanity... as far as I can tell. It was just an idea.

ULTRASOUND- It just occurred to me that ultrasound can be used to determine artery and vein circulation efficiency too. A company here in Pheonix drives a van around with equipment to do that for people for about $99.
Before and after ultrasounds could be used to scare people away from vax.

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