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10/09/2021 3:50 pm  #1

RickPotvinOriginalReport---> One-line covid-vax resistance training.

Rick's Covid Repetitive Reference Points for Resistance Training. Sept. 2021
1. There has was no increase in overall death rate (but there might be now due to injections).
2. Congress and possibly USPS not subject to Biden's  6 Edicts on 9/9/21...
3. Contagion is a myth. (book: The Myth of Contagion)
4. Pompeo was caught on an open mic telling Trump "it's a drill". Trump responded "you should have told me"-- at the start of this at a press conference with Fauci and Birx.
5, Vaccinated may not donate blood says Red Cross.
6. Symptoms of what is called covid is radiation sickness. (book: Invisible Rainbow)
7. Traffic accidents are occurring as graphene oxide injections trigger reactions near 5G cellphone towers!? 9/23/21 Orwell.city
Oct. 2021.
8. Event 201 in Oct. 2019 by WEF, JHU and Gates Fdn... ran a simulation that "went live" a few months later... consistent with this entire show having been planned.
9, They've worked on a cure for the common cold for a long time but covid-cure was 1 year.


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