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10/20/2021 7:01 pm  #1

RickPotvinOriginalReport---> Dental pro converses with me at DollarSt.

Rick says-- I pick my targets for conversation very carefully these days when I'm on my outings to do this and that, running around doing errands. And yes. They are targets: For friendly exchanges. Having been a professional sales person for years in the music industry, I know how to quality people based on intuition, premontion, visual, situational awareness and other factors. Well...

Today I was at Dollar Store wandering the ailes? aisles? How is iles spelt? ... aisles? kind of weird... anyway... many people masked up-- different people from different levels of awareness and different agendas... a Star Wars bar scene in real life, haha. Then I noted a gentleman about my age or maybe up to ten years less... and definitely shorter, dressed  in medical blue uniform without a masked. We happened to be crossing paths on a slow pass looking at shelves. I opened with "hi, you look like you're in the medical business".... Of course I planned to engage him in a little "interview" for fun-- mostly my fun-- and for my blog here.

"You look like you're in the medical business"
"Oh! I love dental business... I went through many appointments as I smiled. Say, howz business these days"
"great!" he said as I realized this was not going as planned because EVERY business is being affected by COVID-which-is-5G-radiation-poisoning...

More added here later.

Ending of the story-- He's going to get the booster and he said to me trust the science... and walked off... But at least he told me he knows where I'm coming from. Yup, me too... which is the science he believes in is fake science. [Update. I just realized that I had been aware that he had his back turned to me already 10 feet away, when he turned his head, and said trust the science. I could not respond because it was impossible the way he moved... but now I think I should be prepared to say that it's pseudo-science... "DO YOU MEAN PSEUDO SCIENCE"?.... I can shout that out to anyone who turns and walks in the future.

So I wrote the ending here before the middle part because I have things to do but I'll be back to this thread.

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