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1/21/2022 6:54 am  #1

MikeKingTomatoBubble---> Carbon net zero hoax explained...

JANUARY 20, 2022
NY Times: Exxon Sets a 2050 Goal for Net-Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Exxon is now poised to joins the ranks of other energy giants who have already succumbed to the "net-zero"  ™ dictates of the Climate Con. If you've ever wondered why such companies would deliberately implement senseless policies that are bound to increase their costs and irk their paying customers, this Slimes article -- when read with a "third eye" -- explains it. Through "asset management" manipulation and high level infiltration, the Davos / World Economic Forum Globalists have got Corporate America "by the balls" -- and this article, albeit inadvertently, proves our "conspiracy theory ™."

Hazmat suits and hip waders on, boys and girls. Let's jump into Sulzberger's cesspool for some critical analysis and rebuttal.
1: The demon Globalist Klaus Schwab (note the 6-6-6 embedded in the "O" letters of the WEF logo) has run the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland for 50 years  now. // 2 & 3. The "Net Zero" CO2 emissions scam is being imposed upon the business world by the WEF and its henchmen.

Slimes: Exxon Mobil, under increasing pressure from investors to address climate change...
Analysis: The term "under increasing pressure from investors" actually means that investment giants BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street & UBS are booting and blocking any non-"green" company from their "politically correct" ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance)  mega funds.

Slimes: ... announced on Tuesday that it had the “ambition” to reach zero net greenhouse gas emissions from its operations by 2050.
Rebuttal: That's wonderful. But who's going to get all the volcanoes (both on land and on the ocean floors), decomposing plants and termites -- not to mention China, India, Brazil, Russia etc.  -- to "reach net zero" ™ "greenhouse gas" ™ "emissions ™?"

Slimes: The oil company, the largest in the United States, still remains behind several of its major competitors in its public climate commitments.
Analysis: The major competitors had already kissed the ring of Rothschild agent Klaus Schwab. Exxon, being the largest, was able to resist the longest.

Slimes: Exxon said it had identified 150 modifications of its exploration and production practices to help reach its goals, including electrification of operations with energy from renewable sources.
Analysis: Costs of energy production must necessarily rise -- and naturally be passed along to we the consumers.

Slimes: Exxon’s chief executive, Darren Woods, said in an interview: “By the end of this year, 90 percent of our assets will have road maps to reduce emissions and realize this net-zero future.”
Analysis: CEO Woods is in a tough spot. Succumb to the Globalist Mafia, or have the company's stock price lag because of a low ESG rating.

Slimes: By aiming for “net zero,” companies would remove more carbon than they release into the air. Occidental Petroleum plans to suck carbon out of the air and bury it in the ground.
Analysis: Just let the manifest insanity of this scheme sink into your mind for a moment. --- The oil companies, surely at great expense, intend to suck harmless plant-nourishing CO2 out of the air and bury it in the ground so that mile-thick ice sheets covering Greenland and Antarctica won't melt one day.
Why does the website of "capitalist" investment giant UBS Asset Management feature windmills superimposed on a woman?
Why does the Home page of "capitalist" investment giant BlackRock feature "The Road to Net Zero?"
"Follow the science" --- save the polar bears.

Slimes: Chevron, the second-biggest American oil company, announced in October “an aspiration” of zero net emissions by 2050 from its operations, a move similar to Exxon’s announcement on Tuesday.
Analysis: One by one, the Big Energy boys all fell to the the Green Tyranny because they failed to band together.

Slimes: “Fully addressing Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions is necessary but not sufficient given that the major impact of oil and gas is in the sale and use of the product,” said Mark Brownstein, senior vice president for energy at the Environmental Defense Fund.
Analysis: Brownstein, eh? (cough cough)

Slimes: Pressure on Exxon has increased since activist investors secured three of the 12 seats on its board in June in a stunning defeat for management.
Analysis: In other words, three NWO operatives successfully infiltrated (were forced upon) the Exxon board. Pressure from within to work with the pressure from the outside.

Slimes: Mr. Woods said the board members were now “unified,” adding, “You can’t distinguish between the new and old.”
Analysis: Mr. Woods has capitulated, which will only embolden the bullies even further (as we shall see later on in the article).

Slimes: The company said it planned to invest $15 billion to lower emissions over the next six years.
Analysis: Exxon customers will have to pay $15 billion more in prices over the next 6 years.

Slimes: But such efforts have so far not satisfied much of the investment community. Last month, UBS Asset Management announced that it was selling its shares in Exxon as part of a divestment from oil and gas companies it considered laggards on climate change policy.
Analysis: Mafia! Pure Mafia tactics. And every capitulation is met with a new demand. You see, Brownstein and his "asset management" high-ups at NWO Inc. won't be satisfied with "Net Zero." The REAL goal of the Climate Con -- just like the Covid Con -- is to stifle productivity and throttle living standards worldwide.

Slimes: Mark van Baal, an activist Dutch investor, has announced that his investor group would call on Exxon to set emissions goals that address not only its operations but also the emissions of its customers.
Analysis: The Asset Management-Green Activist Axis  will never stop attacking the energy companies.

Slimes: It’s a step forward to addressing climate change, but in and of itself it is very modest,” said Andrew Logan, a senior director at Ceres, a nonprofit organization that pushes corporations to take climate change seriously on behalf of investors.
Analysis: They will never stop attacking the energy companies.

Slimes: Mr. Logan also said Exxon’s reliance on carbon capture was concerning. “If it’s betting so much on those technologies that are dependent on outside action, that’s a somewhat risky approach,” he said.
Analysis: They will never stop attacking the energy companies.


The goal of the Globalists is suppress worldwide living standards and usurp both economic and personal freedom by draining away the lifeblood of the world economy -- cheap energy. Most conservatives already understand this, but very few are familiar with how ESG Mafia "asset management" tactics are now being utilized so successfully.
1 & 2. Brownstein of the Environmental Defense Fund operates on the "activist" side of the pincer attack (the commies) which works together with the "asset management" side (the capitalists) to badger, bully and squeeze the life out of free market enterprise. // 3. Green Marx
Boobus Americanus 1:  I read in the New York Times today that Exxon has committed to a goal of net-zero carbon emissions.

Boobus Americanus 2:  CO 2 -- baaaad.
St Sugar: CO 2 iss as esssential to ssustaining life on Earth as water or oxygen is, you frickin' dolt!

Editor: (((Somebody))) stands to make a fortune off this carbon-capture lunacy too. I'm sure of it.



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