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3/10/2022 1:09 pm  #1

Wikipedia:Transhumanism---> Technocracy + Transhumanism = GlblRst+me

Rick says... Patrick Wood points out that the GlobalReset is a dual force that combines Technocracy and Transhumanism. The Transhuman is the slave-subject in a Technocracy. It does involve the annihalation of what we currently call the Human Species. I used to be interested in Transhumanism but wrote an important article that shaped it to be more human called Classical SuperHumanism based on Classical Humanism. It didn't catch on. it was published in Cryonics magazine in the first quarter of 2000 A.D. (Now called C.E.). It's interesting to consider what today's Transhumanists think of the hijacking of their idea by Technocracy. I'll search under names like Max More, Nick Bostrom and other Extropians, a branch of Transhumanists. I'm the only Classical FutureHumanist currently living in the EarthCrater.


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